13 Sep

Posted by: Todd C

I could imagine this project starting off as a joke but goddamn! When I was in high school someone handed me a tape with Discharge’s “Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing”album on one of the sides. Shit ain’t no joke!

Buy Buy Buy All Day Long

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Dwarves & Lenguas Largas!!

19 Aug

Posted by: Todd C

It’s official! The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll and Lenguas Largas Come On In! Out today! See them on tour!

8/19 – Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis *
8/20 – Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge *
8/21 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Hexagon Bar *
8/22 – Milwaukee, WI @ Quarters *
8/23 – Chicago, IL @ Township *
8/24 – Bloomington, IN @ House Party *
8/25 – Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo’s *
8/26 – Huntsville, AL @ Lowe Mill *
8/27 – Nashville, TN @ Cafe Coco *
8/28 – New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar *
8/29 – Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone *
8/30 – Austin, TX @ Beerland *
8/31 – El Paso, TX @ The Monarch *
9/1 – Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress *

* = Recess Records Cavalcade of Clowns featuring Underground Railroad To Candyland, Treasure Fleet, White Night, Audacity, The Bananas, Fleshies and more in select cities! More info HERE.

Oct 16 2014  GEELONG, AUSTRALIA            Barwon Club Hotel

Oct 17 2014    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA            Evelyn Hotel w/ BLOOD DUSTER

Oct 18 2014       SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA            Bald Faced Stag

Oct 19 2014    BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA            Crowbar

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Screeching Weasel- Baby Fat Act 1!!

16 Jul

Posted by: Todd C

Click here for info and to help with this

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Dwarves-Trailer Trash 7″ out now!!

10 Jul

Posted by: Todd C

A lil teaser til The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll LP comes out next month. Super limited and already going fast. People dib these up before an announcement gets made.

Order now and get an instant download!




Dwarves on tour!

Jul 11 2014 PORTLAND, OR DANTE’S w/ Queers & Masked Intruder Ticket
    Jul 12 2014 VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA BILTMORE CABARET w/ Queers & Masked Intruder Ticket
      Jul 13 2014 SEATTLE EL CORAZON w/ Queers & Masked Intruder Ticket
        Jul 14 2014 SACRAMENTO Midtown Barfly w/ Secretions & Psychosomatic
          Jul 15 2014 SAN FRANCISCO BOTTOM of the HILL w/ Queers & Masked Intruder Ticket
            Jul 16 2014 LONG BEACH ALEX’S BAR w/ Queers Ticket
              Jul 17 2014 PHOENIX, AZ YUCCA w/ Queers & Masked Intruder Ticket
                Jul 18 2014 SAN DIEGO SODA BAR w/ Queers & Masked Intruder Ticket
                  Jul 19 2014 SAN DIEGO SODA BAR w/ Queers & Masked Intruder Ticket
                    Jul 20 2014 LOS ANGELES The ROXY w/ Queers & Masked Intruder, FYP!


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                    THE DWARVES INVENTED ROCK & ROLL!!

                    10 Jun

                    Posted by: Todd C

                    The Mona LisaThe Dwarves went ahead and invented the rock & roll and Recess will be documenting the results next month. Look for limited vinyl and tours and Mona Lisa’s!

                    Preview Trailer Trash now!

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                    Todd Congelliere – Wrong Side LP out now!

                    27 May

                    Posted by: Todd C

                    Limited Red (w labels on wrong side-get it?) and White vinyl (labels “correct”) available now
                    Also on cassette

                    Here’s what Vice/Noisey says:

                    “Punk rock mastermind Todd Congelliere is probably best known for his roles in excellent bands like FYP, Toys that Kill and Underground Railroad to Candyland, but now he’s back to shining on his own with his new solo LP Wrong Side via Recess Records. The record sees Todd experimenting into different directions, but keeping his enviable pop sensibility for the duration of the release.”-Fred Pessaro/Vice/Noisey
                    Vice is streaming Wrong Side.

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                    TOYS THAT KILL, URTC, FYP touring Europe NOW!!

                    22 Apr

                    Posted by: Todd C

                    Toys That Kill, F.Y.P, The Underground Railroad to Candyland Europe tour starts now!

                    24.04.14, GER- Hamburg, Hafenklang
                    25.04.14, GER- Aachen, AZ
                    26.04.14, NED- Venlo, Queensday-Festival, TTK, F.Y.P.
                    27.04.14, GER- Bamberg, Secret Show
                    28.04.14, AUS- Wien, Arena
                    29.04.14, AUS- Wien, Arena (F.Y.P.)
                    30.04.14, GER- München, Kafe Kult
                    01.05.14, GER- Aulendorf, Irreal
                    02.05.14, GER- Berlin, Schokoladen
                    03.05.14, UK- London, The Lexington
                    04.05.14, UK- Sheffield, The Lughole
                    05.05.14, FRA- Paris,La Mécanique Ondulatoire
                    06.05.14, BEL- Diest,Jeugdhuis Tijl
                    07.05.14, BEL- Antwerpen
                    08.05.14, BEL- Hasselt, Carpe Diem, as F.Y.P.
                    09.05.14, NED- Rotterdam, Rotterdam-Riot (Festival) 10.05.14, GER- Kiel, Klownhouse Festival, F.Y.P.

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                    Recess Going On’s

                    21 Mar

                    Posted by: Todd C

                    Just a few notes here: First off, we got a few releases on our Bandcamp page bargain priced to encourage actually paying for music. I hate to say this but it’s super surprising the amount of support we’ve gotten since launching these. Sure it’s cheap as hell to own an album (most noteworthy: FYP-COMPLETE CRAP. 93 songs for only $10!) but it almost restores my faith in humanity. It doesn’t even seem to be about owning mp3′s as opposed to supporting a band/label. Regardless of the motives, it does not go unrecognized in these parts. Every time a get a notification that someone paid for our music,and even paying more than asked!, I say to myself “This person rules”…and a sailor dies.

                    Lenguas Largas has an album coming out this summer that absolutely shreds and grinds!!
                    Yours truly is the most recent guest on  Shellshonic Shag-o-vision Episode 7 [Todd Congelliere]
                    We’re super close to the Toys That Kill, FYP, URTC Europe tour! Spread the word!

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                    Todd C.-Wrong Side

                    26 Feb

                    Posted by: Todd C

                    Vice is streaming Wrong Side now. LP/Tape out soon on Lauren/Recess.

                    Todd C. W/ Shellshag in Brooklyn!
                    Mar 7th at Silent Barn w/Screaming Females INFO
                    Mar 9th at Death By Audio INFO

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                    Viva La Silent Era!

                    05 Feb

                    Posted by: Todd C

                    V/A Viva La Silent Era!
                    The Recess Sampler of recent and upcoming releases available now! HERE!

                    1) LANDLORD-Blind Hand (From upcoming “Clown Sound” series 7”)
                    2) TOYS THAT KILL-The Nervous Rocks (From “Fambly 42” Recess#157)
                    3) BENNY THE JET RODRIGUEZ-Summer Hatin’ (From “Home.Run.” Recess#174)
                    4) DIRT DRESS-Stray Cats (From “DLVNVN” Recess#164)
                    5) AUDACITY-Indian Chief (From “Mellow Cruisers” Recess#159/Brgr089)
                    6) TREASURE FLEET-The Well (From “Future Ways” Recess#166)
                    7) FUTURE VIRGINS-Darkness (From “Late Republic” Recess#176)
                    8) JAPANTHER-More Teachers, Less Cops (From “Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart” Recess#169)
                    9) LENGUAS LARGAS-You Might Fall (From upcoming “Clown Sound” series 7”)
                    10) DWARVES-One Time Only (Alt Version from “Younger & Even Better Looking” Recess#171)
                    11) BORED TO DEATH-Vomit (From “S/T” Recess#8)
                    12) UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND-No Way! Miss USA! (From “Bird Roughs” Recess#110)
                    13) WHITE NIGHT-Stop Your Crying (From “Prophets of Templum” Recess#173/45rpm17)
                    14) FEDERATION X-Sight On Demand (From “We Do What We Must” Recess#170/MMLP02)
                    15) WHITE MURDER-Baby Boy (From “S/T” Recess#180/Razorcake#23)
                    16) THE BANANAS-4AM (From “Forbidden Fruit” Recess#96)
                    17) SUMMER VACATION-Morning After Party Pill (From “Split with Hard Girls”Recess#165/AM244)
                    18) CAN OF BEANS-Temptation (From “S/T” Recess#175/Porchore1)
                    19) TODD CONGELLIERE-Some Are Fake (From upcoming “Wrong Side”)
                    20) THE ARRIVALS-The Last Testament (From “Volatile Molotov” Recess#147)

                    Also here is a web version of our latest Recess Newlistter. Subscribe (on yer right) if you would like to get these emailed to you. We don’t post the web versions usually. Plus there are special deals that come along with some of those emails. We don’t do em too much, your email will never be used for anything but the Newslitter and you can easily unsubscribe if it ain’t your thing.

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