Recess Newslitter #12013: Lenguas Largas and other 2013 Recess sneaks!!

30 Jan

Posted by: Todd C

Lotta Lenguas Largas news! First off,they are in the studio now finishing their follow up to 2011′s awesome S/T debut. Great songs,still morphing. You don’t know what to expect is what you can expect!
To top that off, Doug M of Built To Spill fame asked Lenguas to play shows with them! Starting off with playing right before BTS headline night at The Treefort Music Fest in Boise.
Also their Clown Sound 7″ got turned in and that series is about to pop! Lenguas Largas is volume 2. Landlord is volume 1.

Speaking of Landlord. Will and Chris,along with Patrick of Hot New Mexicans, started Purple 7. Great band! They are hitting the road. Check out the dates!

Achtung horizon viewers! Also in the works for 2013: Dwarves-reissue LP’s, Federation x LP, Japanther LP, The Arrivals LP (reissue of GNW), The Bananas-Nautical R n R LP, Clown Sound series inauguration, and Pedro Locals Black Sparrow Press and Benny The Jet Rodriguez! um, AND MORE!!!

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