Toys That Kill cancel/postpone(!) Europe tour

10 Apr

Posted by: Todd C

Some pretty lame news here. We had to cancel our upcoming Toys That Kill Europe tour due to a detached retina in my right eye. When the doctor diagnosed me last week she rushed me into the retina specialist for emergency surgery that same day. I told them I was going to Europe next wednesday and they both replied with “No your not! If you get on a plane you will lose your eye!”. It felt like a knife through my skull. I feel some horrible emptiness inside when canceling shows but this takes the cake. It’s gonna be tough to imagine where we should be every givin night for the next month. The great shows we are missing and the fun times that should be having. I’ll have my right eye to keep me company at least. It’s so hard to get all of us,due to work schedules, to go to Europe and we were seconds away. Bad timing to say the least. They said I was lucky to not be blind in that eye already so there is some positives here but still…shit! Very sincere apologies to every promoter who booked a show and especially Benny & Fanski/Klownhouse for booking the tour and the Rockstar Records/Aachen crew for their help overseas. We will try to make it up asap!” -Todd C.

Update:April 2014 will is the planned makeup time.

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One Response to Toys That Kill cancel/postpone(!) Europe tour

  1. Counterattack says:

    Man, that’s sad, but I firmly believe that come the day of a european tour, audiences will be bigger and ttk more famous in europe in 2014 than 2013.
    I’ve heard that a detached retina is not much fun so first of all, all the best wishes for you and your eye, man. No jogging allowed.

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