Benny The Jet Rodriguez-Home.Run. LP!!

05 Aug

Posted by: Todd C

San Pedro locals Lauren Freeman & Joey Centofani started BTJR as a two piece. They caught my ear,using no professionalism whatsoever, at our local dive, Harold’s, one night with some crazy catchy songs. They asked me to record a song for the WUB tape comp and that snowballed into an album’s worth, recorded here at Clown Sound. Shit started rollin’ and yours truly tracked some keyboards and was asked to play live with em. The album turned out awesome. Here it is!

Stream the full album here!

Track Listing:
Home. Alley Cat. Cement Overcoat. Summer Hatin’ (Happened So fast). Stand Around.
Don’t Call A Girl Tony Robbins. Wine Stained Teeth. Heart Attack. Aloha Mr Hand. Run.


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