Future Virgins-Late Republic LP out now!!

03 Oct

Posted by: Todd C

My feelings,after first hearing Late Republic, were pretty much on par with the feelings that I had when I first heard Bent Outta Shape’s Stray Dog Town masters. Not comparing sounds just feelings. Beautifully recorded,mastered, lacquered etc but that almost takes a back to seat to the song writing and delivery. They could’ve recorded this album in my mailbox,while eating a full course ham dinner, and it would’ve still been vital. I’m glad they didn’t do that cos the end result sounds sonically bad fucking ass! Read more & buy!


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2 Responses to Future Virgins-Late Republic LP out now!!

  1. Mike W says:

    Hi, I just ordered, how do I do instant download?? for Big Kitty and Future Virgins. <3 you, happy belated birthday Todd!

  2. Todd C says:

    it was available when you checked out. if you log in you can download it there still. if you have troubles email me todd@recessrecords.com

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