Toys That Kill, F.Y.P, & URTC in Europe!!

06 Jan

Posted by: Todd C

Hey Europe! We are making up for last year with Toys That Kill, FYP, AND URTC shows in a few months!

24.04.14, GER- Hamburg, Hafenklang
25.04.14, GER- Aachen, AZ
27.04.14, GER- NEED HELP!!!
28.04.14, AUS- Wien, Arena
29.04.14, AUS- Wien, Arena (F.Y.P.)
30.04.14, GER- München, Kafe Kult
01.05.14, GER- NEED HELP !!!
02.05.14, GER- Berlin, Schokoladen
03.05.14, GER- NEED HELP !!!
04.05.14, FRA- Lille, tbc
05.05.14, FRA- Paris,La Mécanique Ondulatoire
06.05.14, BEL- Diest,Jeugdhuis Tijl
07.05.14, BEL- Antwerpen,tbc , as URTC
08.05.14, BEL- Hasselt, Carpe Diem, as F.Y.P.
09.05.14, NED- Rotterdam, Rotterdam-Riot (festival)
10.05.14, GER- Kiel, Klownhouse Fest (festival) as F.Y.P.

Contact Klownhouse Tours || Fanski <> for more info

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