Viva La Silent Era!

05 Feb

Posted by: Todd C

V/A Viva La Silent Era!
The Recess Sampler of recent and upcoming releases available now! HERE!

1) LANDLORD-Blind Hand (From upcoming “Clown Sound” series 7”)
2) TOYS THAT KILL-The Nervous Rocks (From “Fambly 42” Recess#157)
3) BENNY THE JET RODRIGUEZ-Summer Hatin’ (From “Home.Run.” Recess#174)
4) DIRT DRESS-Stray Cats (From “DLVNVN” Recess#164)
5) AUDACITY-Indian Chief (From “Mellow Cruisers” Recess#159/Brgr089)
6) TREASURE FLEET-The Well (From “Future Ways” Recess#166)
7) FUTURE VIRGINS-Darkness (From “Late Republic” Recess#176)
8) JAPANTHER-More Teachers, Less Cops (From “Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart” Recess#169)
9) LENGUAS LARGAS-You Might Fall (From upcoming “Clown Sound” series 7”)
10) DWARVES-One Time Only (Alt Version from “Younger & Even Better Looking” Recess#171)
11) BORED TO DEATH-Vomit (From “S/T” Recess#8)
12) UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND-No Way! Miss USA! (From “Bird Roughs” Recess#110)
13) WHITE NIGHT-Stop Your Crying (From “Prophets of Templum” Recess#173/45rpm17)
14) FEDERATION X-Sight On Demand (From “We Do What We Must” Recess#170/MMLP02)
15) WHITE MURDER-Baby Boy (From “S/T” Recess#180/Razorcake#23)
16) THE BANANAS-4AM (From “Forbidden Fruit” Recess#96)
17) SUMMER VACATION-Morning After Party Pill (From “Split with Hard Girls”Recess#165/AM244)
18) CAN OF BEANS-Temptation (From “S/T” Recess#175/Porchore1)
19) TODD CONGELLIERE-Some Are Fake (From upcoming “Wrong Side”)
20) THE ARRIVALS-The Last Testament (From “Volatile Molotov” Recess#147)

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