Recess Going On’s

21 Mar

Posted by: Todd C

Just a few notes here: First off, we got a few releases on our Bandcamp page bargain priced to encourage actually paying for music. I hate to say this but it’s super surprising the amount of support we’ve gotten since launching these. Sure it’s cheap as hell to own an album (most noteworthy: FYP-COMPLETE CRAP. 93 songs for only $10!) but it almost restores my faith in humanity. It doesn’t even seem to be about owning mp3′s as opposed to supporting a band/label. Regardless of the motives, it does not go unrecognized in these parts. Every time a get a notification that someone paid for our music,and even paying more than asked!, I say to myself “This person rules”…and a sailor dies.

Lenguas Largas has an album coming out this summer that absolutely shreds and grinds!!
Yours truly is the most recent guest onĀ  Shellshonic Shag-o-vision Episode 7 [Todd Congelliere]
We’re super close to the Toys That Kill, FYP, URTC Europe tour! Spread the word!

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