Todd Congelliere – Wrong Side LP out now!

27 May

Posted by: Todd C

Limited Red (w labels on wrong side-get it?) and White vinyl (labels “correct”) available now
Also on cassette

Here’s what Vice/Noisey says:

“Punk rock mastermind Todd Congelliere is probably best known for his roles in excellent bands like FYP, Toys that Kill and Underground Railroad to Candyland, but now he’s back to shining on his own with his new solo LP Wrong Side via Recess Records. The record sees Todd experimenting into different directions, but keeping his enviable pop sensibility for the duration of the release.”-Fred Pessaro/Vice/Noisey
Vice is streaming Wrong Side.

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One Response to Todd Congelliere – Wrong Side LP out now!

  1. Dave says:

    Dude(s), or Todd specifically,
    Please get back to me on this. There’s some teen boy band out there from Australia called Five Seconds of Summer (5SOS), that ripped off FYP’s bar/slash logo. I’ve been an Fyp/toys that kill fan for like 20 or more years – this pisses me off. They’re marketing their shit music with FYP’s logo. I can’t even wear my fyp shirt or button on my jacket cuz it looks like I’m a fucking 5SOS fan. Can’t you go after them for trademark infringement? Talk to your lawyer and let me know.
    Dave in South Florida
    P.S. Thx for the great shows here in the 90′s

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