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26 Apr

Posted by: Todd C

Screeching Weasel- Boogadaboogadaboogada LP $10 Gatefold Jacket!
Recess is currently going through high emotions due to the grantage of releasing most of Screeching Weasel’s catalog on vinyl. The first installment is the classic second album Boogadaboogadaboogada. Originally released on Roadkill Records,then bootlegged in europe, and then re-released on Lookout Records, and now on an updated mastered, deluxe packaged Recess version. This album is reminiscent of the better A.O.D. Stuff,yet has the sign-of-things-to-come classics like “Love”, “Stupid Over You”, “My Right”, “I Wanna Be Naked”, and the great great “Hey Suburbia”. 26 songs in all!! If you paid attention to punk or HC in the late ’80′s then this was considered a savior!
First 500 on multi-colored vinyl.

The Queers-Love Songs For The Retarded LP $8
As with all the Lookout era Screeching Weasel being re-released on the unbowed vinyl format, same goes for The Queers! The first in the installment is their highly classic “Love Songs For The Retarded” LP. I pretty much think all the songs on this album are glued forever onto The Queers set lists. With greats like “Debra Jean”, “Hi’s Me”, & “You’re Tripping” you can’t ever ever ever go wrong.
First 500 on multi-colored vinyl.

First 500 on multi-colored vinyl
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS has stepped up to the plate and delivered a record that rocks with the passion of a thousand Alamo house basement shows. Imagine a stronger MODERN MACHINES,mixed with some DILLINGER FOUR, and then throw in a healthy dose of RIVETHEAD (which this band is ex members of) and you have OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. There is something wonderful and totally punk about jumping up and down while singing songs about misery and sorrow with a smile on your face. This record is so recommended that I can almost guarantee will be on my year-end top ten and its only march.-J. Floyd/ MRR

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