Thee Makeout Party LP

13 Jun

Posted by: Todd C

Thee Makeout Party-Play Pretend LP
I’ve always been attracted to OC punk,although in its supposed “hey day” there was some pretty retarded shit goin on. In 1986 I remember speed walking outta Fenders Ballroom while D.I. was playing cos i saw some dude with a knife dangling from his back and didnt go to any shows for a year or so. Although it wasnt D.I.’s fault and i actually loved the other OC bands at the time, i feel better about whats goin on in Orange County nowadays. Bands like Pterodacdudes, Audacity, Drinkers Purgatory, and Thee Makeout Party sound nothing like each other but share something that i aint even gonna try to explain on the internet! Thee’s sound is not unlike the great power-pop that was unleashed by labels like Stiff Records (Wreckless Eric, Nick Lowe) and Posh Boy (Red Cross, The Simpletones) awhile back. This is Thee’s debut LP! CD released by Teenacide

Thee Makeout Party is on tour with Audacity right now! Click on their myspace link to see dates!

Other labels new stuff:
Thee Makeout Party/ Audacity split 7″
Down In The Dumps-Dumps Luck LP

The Bananas-New Animals LP is on its way! They are playing a record release show in San Pedro @ Harolds on June 28th w/ Potential Johns, Underground Railroad to Candyland and Killer Dreamer

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4 Responses to Thee Makeout Party LP

  1. thee says:

    we’re all tickled pink over the LP!
    thanks for the kind words!

  2. Diman says:

    sorry for the off-topic, but what about Pinhead Gunpowder new 7 inch?
    Is it going to come out?

    sorry once again…

  3. Todd C says:

    Yes the PG 7″ will be out next month (July).

  4. Andrew says:

    can we order the new animals lp? or was the record release show for the cd? it’s really fucking great by the way, the consistency in their songs is unreal.

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