Pinhead Gunpowder 7″, The Bananas vinyl,+ Repress!

08 Aug

Posted by: Todd C

 Recess#114  Pinhead Gunpowder-s/t 7″ (500 Blue-500 Green)Aaron Cometbus asked me to do some low-key shows for Pinhead Gunpowder in San Pedro back in Feb. Although they ended up not being so low key, there was a spirit about the shows that tugged on the locals’ intimate sides. Sides you’re lucky enough to see once in a lifetime. Tough wrestle boys singin’ like birds, bad drunks bein’ sincere, drama queens leaving their crowns at home, etc. Sometime during the weekend, they asked me to do a record of their new material. Some of my favorite songs by Pinhead Gunpowder to date! Here it is! First release in about 8 years!

Track Listing:1. West Side Highway2. Anniversary Song3. On The Ave                        


The Bananas-New Animals LP (Yellow vinyl!) finally out!   


Screeching Weasel-Boogadaboogadaboogada LP back in print!  (Second press on glory filled pink vinyl)

Recess is now exclusively distributed thru No Idea!

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19 Responses to Pinhead Gunpowder 7″, The Bananas vinyl,+ Repress!

  1. Shahab says:

    So much cool shit!!!

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  3. Matt says:

    Ah!! The Bananas vinyl looks awesome. I hope I can afford it before it’s gone! that and the urtc/pricks split

  4. Todd C says:

    Note: Alotta people are emailing me about this. if you order multiple copies of the PHGP 7″ i will automatically try to mix up vinyl colors…if available of course. If you are reading this too late then you might be, well, um too late. Lotsa love

  5. mike says:

    Are the versions of the PHGP ep on Interpunk these same, limited edition ones? I’d already bought if from there before it became available here … wish i’d waited now!

  6. Todd C says:

    Yea interpunk will be getting the same colors. If you already ordered it from them then i dont see why you wouldnt get a blue or green one

  7. Diman says:

    vynil… cool… But is new PG going to be released on CD????
    How can we listen to the stuff in a car for example? Or in Ipods?
    I live in the other country, so it is almost impossible to find PG here, and on vynil it’s more even impossible…

  8. James says:

    Any news on this new PG EP being released on CD? I already bought the vinyl but could actually use/listen to the CD. A Green Day fan site said that is was going to be put out on CD. Please let me know. Thanks guys.


  9. Todd C says:

    The PG EP i not being released on CD. It is being released as a download though by the band.

  10. cam says:

    hey todd.

    when are the other screeching weasel represses coming?????
    i need me some
    anthems for a new tomorrow
    my brain hurts

  11. lisa says:

    hey how many of the purple and yellow phgp vinyls were there pressed? there seems to be more than the blue and green ones

  12. Patrick H. says:

    I found a website that had the blue, green, purple, red, and yellow in stock so I bought one of each thinking that those were the only 5 colors. However, I saw a grey one on eBay but I can’t find it anywhere else. Is there anywhere I could order a copy of the grey version?

  13. Todd C says:

    Yes all i have right now is the grey ones

  14. Patrick H. says:

    THANKS TODD! I just ordered one.

  15. Shane says:

    If you order through this site, will the Boogadaboogadaboogada LP be the red version, it doesnt seem to say..

  16. Patrick H says:

    I saw a listing online for an army green colored Pinhead Gunpowder with a white insert. Do you have any copies of that color? Any other colors coming out?

  17. Wm says:

    make that 15 colors..”muddy purple”….

  18. Jason says:

    Todd, Any Total for the number of colors?

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