Pinhead Gunpowder 7″+CD, The Spits CD

10 Jul

Posted by: Todd C

Pinhead Gunpowder-Kick Over The Traces CD $10 (LP SOON!)

The Spits-S/T (AKA IV AKA School’s Out) CD (as well as LP)

Pinhead Gunpowder-S/T 7″ (AKA WestSide HWY 7′) finally repressed on white vinyl! $3

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3 Responses to Pinhead Gunpowder 7″+CD, The Spits CD

  1. Captain says:

    fantastic! i love PHGP so glad they put out new vinyl

  2. Rodrigo says:

    I´m from Brasil. How could I do to buy it?

  3. mayrock says:

    Here is the Spits new 7″, four-song EP featuring a cover of “Pain” by Pain from the legendary punk Battle of the Bands episode of CHiPs:

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