Underground Railroad to Candyland, Shark Pants will tour!

01 Oct

Posted by: Todd C

To get to The Fest 7 bands will tour! 

The Underground Railroad To Candyland 2008 tour!

Oct. 24th Phoenix @ The Stray Cat w/ Shark Pants

Oct. 25th Las Cruces @ El Patio/Dirt Cult Fest 2 w/ Shark Pants

Oct. 26th Austin @ Beerland w/ Shark Pants,Triclops!

Oct. 27th Jackson,MS w/ Shark Pants

Oct. 28th Chattanooga,TN @ JJ’s Bohemia 231 MLK East w/ Shark Pants

Oct. 30th Skatepark of Tampa

Oct. 31st The Fest 7

The Following dates with Japanther

Nov. 3rd St. Augustine,FL w/ Killer Dreamer & Japanther

Nov. 4th Richmond, VA w/ Killer Dreamer & Japanther

Nov. 5th Charelston,SC w/ Killer Dreamer & Japanther

Nov. 6th Charlotte,NC @ The Milestone w/ Killer Dreamer & Japanther

Nov. 7th Richmond,VA @Thanky Space w/ Killer Dreamer & Japanther

Nov. 8th NYC w/ Killer Dreamer & Japanther

Nov. 9th NY day off

Nov. 10th Michigan w/ Japanther

Nov. 11th Cincinnati, OH @ Gypsy Hut w/ Japanther

Nov. 12th Bloomington, IN w/ Japanther

Nov. 13th St. Louis w/ Japanther

Nov. 14th OKC, OK @ The Conservatory w/ Japanther

Nov. 15th Austin, TX @ Emos w/ Japanther

Nov. 16th San Antonio, TX w/ Japanther

Nov. 17th Driving and Van Camping

Nov. 18th Tucson, AZ w/ Japanther

Nov. 19th Flagstaff, AZ  @ Stab Mt. w/ Japanther

Nov. 20th SD, CA @ The Pink Elephant w/ Japanther

Nov. 21st L.A., CA @ The Smell w/Japanther & Audacity


 I got new “Other label” stuff too:Killer Dreamer-1000 Years of Servitude LP w/CD Shang-A-Lang/Jonesin’ split 7″ 

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3 Responses to Underground Railroad to Candyland, Shark Pants will tour!

  1. TJ says:

    Sweet!!! Where is the San Antonio show going to be???

  2. Shahab says:

    What about vegas doods?

  3. DOVER, Del. — Citizens can comment this week on a proposal to include a Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway in the state’s Scenic and Historic Highway Program. The Underground Railroad Coalition of Delaware

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