23 Oct

Posted by: Todd C

Guys & Gals, I will be gone on The Underground Railroad to Candyland tour from now until nov 22 (see dates below and then go!)and the mailorder post will be pretty much neglected during this time. I apologize but crap happens. It comes out whether you want it to or not. BUT the good news is you can get all this fancy stuff from No Idea Records. Go here if you want the direct page: please dont order unless you dont mind waiting. Obviously it will be filled when i get back if you do decide to order. thanx lots! oki doki,todd 

The Underground Railroad to Candyland 2008 tour!

Oct. 24th Phoenix @ The Stray Cat w/ Shark Pants,Vena Cava

Oct. 25th Las Cruces @ Thunderdome 5pm! /Dirt Cult Fest 2 w/ Shark Pants,Vena Cava

Oct. 26th Austin @ Beerland w/ Shark Pants,Triclops!,Vena Cava

Oct. 27th Jackson,MS @ 121 Art Space w/ Shark Pants,Vena Cava

Oct. 28th Chattanooga,TN @ JJ’s Bohemia 231 MLK East w/ Shark Pants, Vena Cava

Oct. 30th Skatepark of Tampa

Oct. 31st The Fest 7

The Following dates with Japanther

Nov. 3rd St. Augustine,FL w/ Killer Dreamer & Japanther

Nov. 4th Richmond, VA w/ Killer Dreamer & Japanther

Nov. 5th Charelston,SC w/ Killer Dreamer & Japanther

Nov. 6th Charlotte,NC @ The Milestone w/ Killer Dreamer & Japanther

Nov. 7th Richmond,VA @Thanky Space w/ Killer Dreamer & Japanther

Nov. 8th NYC w/ Killer Dreamer & Japanther

Nov. 9th NY day off

Nov. 10th Michigan w/ Japanther

Nov. 11th Cincinnati, OH @ Gypsy Hut w/ Japanther

Nov. 12th Bloomington, IN w/ Japanther

Nov. 13th St. Louis w/ Japanther

Nov. 14th OKC, OK @ The Conservatory w/ Japanther

Nov. 15th Austin, TX @ Emos w/ Japanther

Nov. 16th San Antonio, TX w/ Japanther

Nov. 17th Driving and Van Camping

Nov. 18th Tucson, AZ w/ Japanther

Nov. 19th Flagstaff, AZ  @ Stab Mt. w/ Japanther

Nov. 20th SD, CA @ The Pink Elephant w/ Japanther

Nov. 21st L.A., CA @ The Smell w/Japanther 

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