The Arrivals & The Queers LP Restocks/URTC tour

30 Sep

Posted by: Todd C

Just repressed!
THE ARRIVALS "marvels of industry" LPTHE ARRIVALS “marvels of industry” LP
I was excited as all hell when one of my favorite bands, not only my favorite of all active bands but one of my favorites of all time, asked me to do…

The Queers-Love Songs For The Retarded LPThe Queers-Love Songs For The Retarded LP (ON TOUR NOW!)
As with all the Lookout era Screeching Weasel being re-released on the unbowed vinyl format, same goes for The Queers! The first in the installment…

The Underground Railroad to Candyland tour
Oct 23rd San Diego/Bar Pink

Oct 24th Las Cruces/Trainyard

Oct 25th Austin

Oct 28th Tampa/Skatepark

Oct 29th G’ville

Oct 30th-Nov 1st Fest!

Nov 5th Mobile/ Alabama Music Box

Nov 6th Ft Worth/1919 Hemphill

Nov 8th Austin/ Fun Fun Fun Fest

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3 Responses to The Arrivals & The Queers LP Restocks/URTC tour

  1. cali mucho says:

    new fleshies cant wait. my favorite label is just a block away, its a good life.

  2. Poopdawg says:

    That Arrivals album is so, SO good.

  3. max badsha says:

    i love this album………..

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