You can order again. RIP Jamie Bent & Brian Turd

21 Nov

Posted by: Todd C

Thanx to everyone who attended or helped out with¬†The Underground Railroad to Candyland¬†tour. It was a very trying tour to say the least. First we had the Macon,GA incident,which was life changing until some real real bad news came. First Jamie Ewing from Bent Outta Shape died. One of the most sweetest people i have ever met! Great songwriter,great voice,great band. Stray Dog Town is one of my all time favorite releases i have put out and never really put that one down. I cant find the courage to listen to it yet due to some wicked emotions but it’ll be back on my turntable in no time to celebrate that boys great existence.Then we find out that Brian Turd,of Les Turds fame, got shot 9 times fatally while walking his dog in New Orleans. This left me speechless. So many good times were had with Brian, Dean and the rest of the gang that i will never forget. I will always remember with a laugh at the time me and him were in a huge record store in FL and he puts on the headphones at the listening booth and yelled across the jam packed store “YO TODD!!! NEW METALLICA!!!!!” while headbanging. Horned hands course!It felt kinda strange that i met these people on the road and found out about their passings on the road. Pretty much every show was GREAT but used mainly as therapy. Although theres tons of grief I feel very lucky to have known these people! As well as all the people that are still with us. oki doki,todd

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4 Responses to You can order again. RIP Jamie Bent & Brian Turd

  1. gabe rock says:

    I am sitting in a bar. It is my Saturday though Tuesday. Just wanted to say Jamie Ewing’s passing is sad and tragic. As well as Brian’s although I did not know him it seems we knew a lot of the same people. Fate has a stupid look on its face when we are raped by it. I dont know why Ian Thomas Garner MacKaye pops into my head but perhaps he was right in his youth, “Make due with what you have take what you can get.” No, he wasn’t and I kind of want to punch myself in the face for that but nevertheless. REst in Peace friends if there is a hell I will see you there and we will be too busy having so much fun that the heat wont even bother us and together we will have our holidays.

  2. mike pineyro says:

    ugh, such horrible news..
    rest in peace to Jamie and Brian!

    i live in a shithole and its just my luck… livin in a shithole and i don’t give a fuckkkk

  3. Chris G. says:

    i still haven’t gotten around to hearing Bent Outta Shape, but i’ve been meaning to for a long time after reading a hilarious interview in Razorcake a year or two ago.
    Reading this news certainly put a lump in my throat
    Funny how the death of a total stranger can affect you

    Best wishes to all
    Chris g.

  4. Aesop of Hickey says:

    Just wrote a eulogy for Brian for an upcoming Les Turds CD. Man, he was a riot. I miss him immensely. Still shocked and angry about it.

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