Fleshies-Brown Flag LP (w/Free cd)!

20 Nov

Posted by: Todd C

About time Recess released something on time! And what a whopper to end the streak with! Brown Flag is, without any dubious crap, my favorite Fleshies record. I know i have said that about bands once they do something on Recess but it’s not like i lie or something. It is sooo solid and even better, it feels like they wanted to make this record a long time ago. A huge break, with the guys taking on other bands/projects might have had something to do with this. Regardless of what i think, we have 500 brown (hard as hell to get according to our pressing plant) vinyl copies for your picky ass.

The “Shut Up And Buy” Link

Lets get a quote from the talent:
“keep in┬ámind that this is the closest Fleshies can get to writing a genuine
pop rock record and we are damn proud of it. it is a true reflection
of a decade of love between five men with all of the requisite ups and
downs that implies. life gets complicated and we are just trying to
make sense of it. but we are talking about family here, ya know?” -John Geek

track listing
1) Aphids
2) Onion of My Eye
3) Over The Raindro
4) Fire It Up
5) The Chip
6) Now She is a Cop
7) Grounded
8) Finger in the Sky
9) Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight
10) You Can Be A Star

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