URTC Zippers+new stuff!

05 Dec

Posted by: Todd C

The Underground Railroad to Candyland-Zipper Hoodie Sweatshirts.
We might not have the new URTC record ready yet but keep warm during this scheissestorm!

Dear Landlord / Chinese Telephones split 7" (Colored)
Dear Landlord / Chinese Telephones split 7″ (Colored) BACK IN STOCK!

New “other label” stuff by: Lenguas Largas, Shark Pants, The Methadones, ¬†Gateway District, The Crumbs, Landlord, and some Recess Japan stuff.

Xmas ordering: If you want something before Xmas then please try to order by Dec 17th and priority mail upgrade would’nt be a dumb thing neither.
If you ordered recently and were wondering where your package is,it’s on its way. Sorry for delays!!

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