Audacity-Power Drowning LP out now!

07 Jan

Posted by: Todd C

Audacity-Power Drowning LP white vinyl

I saw these guys on a boat and thought they were the best band i have seen while skimming on the Pacific ocean! From the first few chords they reminded me of Jerrys Kids. Like very early Jerrys Kids,as well as a slew of other early ’80′s hardcore bands, but within 1 minute into a song everything changed and i thought “Now they sound like The Bananas!”. Yea i put a quote on thoughts. so what?! They even do “Dicks Hate Police”. Split release with Burger Records!  

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One Response to Audacity-Power Drowning LP out now!

  1. sean says:

    are there any copies of this left?
    email if so, i’d like to purchase one

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