Stoned At Heart-Party Tracks Vol.1 LP w/Deluxe Download

07 Jun

Posted by: Todd C

Recess#144 Stoned At Heart-Party Tracks Vol.1 LP w/Free Download (Download includes entire album AND the demo versions!!!)
1st Press 300 Red Vinyl
Stoned At Heart is Todd, Jimmy, Chachi (Toys That Kill & URTC) and Jessica (Baby J, Can Of Beans).

Track List:
1) Question Mark
2) Turn & Run Away
3) 9th Fret
4) Steppin’ On Shells
5) Your Image Is All You Got
6) Exist
7) Play Lame Blues
8) I’m Not Using My Brain/Desperate
9) When The Tigers Broke Free
10) You’ll Hear My Voice

Stoned At Heart is:
Baby J-Guitar/Vocals
Todd Congelliere-Guitar/Vocals
Chachi-Bass/Fun Station
Jimmy Felix-Drums

Listen to “Question Mark”

Stoned At Heart – Play Lame Blues from Recess Records on Vimeo.

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