The Arrivals—Volatile Molotov—new album soon!

29 Jul

Posted by: Todd C

I really wanna give you the Lou Gehrig speech when talking about this new Arrivals album. Let’s just say were all lucky! Volatile Molotov, due¬†out Oct 5th, is the band’s grand opus! I really didn’t think it was possible to top Marvels of Industry but they really did. And there is no “in my opinion” type crap here. Now just to give you a feeling of what’s about to happen we are offering a listen to the track “Front Line”. This will only give you a peak as this album listens like a classic novel. Yet easy to hear.

Front Line by The Arrivals

Track Listing
Side One
1-Two Years
2-New Gold Standard
3-Blank Slate
4-Pull Down the Willows
5-Water Water Everywhere
6-Children’s Crusade
Side Two
7-The Power Won’t Be Staying On For Long
9-The Dilemma
10-Positively Wall Street
11-The Last Testament
12-Envelope Song
13-Simple Pleasures In America

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2 Responses to The Arrivals—Volatile Molotov—new album soon!

  1. mike says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best news I’ve heard all year. I want to preorder til my pants fall off.

  2. timpuke says:

    shit yeah!!!

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