The Arrivals-Volatile Molotov out now!!

06 Oct

Posted by: Todd C

The Arrivals-Volatile Molotov LP with gatefold jacket, 300 limited to gold (yellow transparent) vinyl!

Free download with the LP as well!

CD packaged in the bossest digipak!

Tour with Toys That Kill Oct/Nov!!

Modern intelligence ain’t really much to write home about. The sad thing is that it doesn’t take much to NOT be a total dumbshit in this climate. I think, more than i probably should, to myself “Why aren’t The Arrivals the biggest band in the world?!”. They write some of the greatest songs with some of the best hooks ever…Read more

Track Listing

Side One
1-Two Years
2-New Gold Standard
3-Blank Slate
4-Pull Down the Willows
5-Water Water Everywhere
6-Children’s Crusade
Side Two
7-The Power Won’t Be Staying On For Long
9-The Dilemma
10-Positively Wall Street
11-The Last Testament
12-Envelope Song
13-Simple Pleasures In America

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One Response to The Arrivals-Volatile Molotov out now!!

  1. spent says:

    These guys are like what the reunited American Steel should sound like… This this is PWNing my satchel right now. OH FUck!

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