The Gr’ups-A Lil Lost 1992-1994 LP w/ Deluxe Digital Download!

07 Apr

Posted by: Todd C

Recess is proud to announce the release of The Gr’ups discography via the bad ass LP format. You will also get a code to download the whole pie (i.e. every song they released) PLUS a bonus live show taped at Gilman st! I do think this is like feeding a cat and/or spoiling your children but we good like that.
This will be out soon and a preorder page will exist even sooner…like next week!

After Blatz imploded, Anna and Jesse hooked up with Matt Freeman- who was starting Rancid at the same time- Kamala- who was doing Cringer and about to join Naked Aggression- and Deb Disaster to start The Gr’ups in early 1992. Matt let loose with his long-awaited rockabilly guitar attack instead of his patented basswork, while Kamala hit the skins (sometimes literally) and Deb kept the basslines bubbling.

The name is an abbreviation for “Grownups” from a Star Trek episode and illustrates the original intent of the band to only do fairy tales and children’s stories. While later songs went further, 3 of the 5 tunes on the 1st ep are related to fairy tales. After a 1992 summer tour with the pre-”Smash” Offspring, the band reshuffled itself as Deb and Matt left (Matt to concentrate on Rancid), bringing on Danyella Dyslexica on guitar and Dagney on bass for the 2nd ep and a 1993 US tour and 2 1993 European tours, one with Citizen Fish. After arriving back in the US in January 1994 the band never played again. The Gr’ups final show turned out to be a raging warehouse party in Grenoble France.

Over the past couple of years, the idea for a Gr’ups discography bubbled up and after contacting everyone in the band, we have assembled all of the studio tracks and many live songs. We’re also putting together a dvd with various live shows, interviews, and an image gallery with photos and flyers. All of this is going to be released on San Pedro’s finest record label, Recess Records. Schedules permitting, we also want to play a few reunion shows with Anna Joy, Kamala, Jesse, Danyella, and Deb. Danyella is currently a recurring actress on the 3rd season of the HBO series “The L Word”- her name there is Daniella Sea

  1. Almond Tree
  2. Rockabilly Song
  3. Oink
  4. Red Riding Hood
  5. You’re A Job
  6. On The Way To Frisco
  7. Arg Fuck Kill
  8. You Can’t Die

  1. Snow White
  2. A Little Lost
  3. Kali Is Yer Badass Mutha
  4. Human Rash
  5. Jabberwocky
  6. Tristan
  7. Some Thoughts on Rage
  8. Fourth Of A Fifth of Whiskey

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3 Responses to The Gr’ups-A Lil Lost 1992-1994 LP w/ Deluxe Digital Download!

  1. Tony says:

    HOLY SHIT!!! The best thing to ever be released…thanks!!!

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  3. Dylan Goldsmith says:

    Gr’ups and SakÄ› named themselves pre-internet. I can not wait to get this!

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