The Underground Railroad to Candyland-Knows Your Sins LP/CD!

25 Apr

Posted by: Todd C

The Underground Railroad to Candyland-Knows Your Sins LP BUY
The Underground Railroad to Candyland-Knows Your Sins CD BUY

When Todd and I were kids I remember going to his (parents) house and he gave me the new F.Y.P full length CD called “Dance My Dunce”.  Without thinking I said, “Cool, is it on a real label or is it on your thing?”  Todd kinda smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s on Recess.” Needless to say, Todd asked me to leave and walked me to my car.  I was stoked to hear the new F.Y.P so while we were still saying our good byes I popped it in my CD player and cranked it up to hear, “SHUT YOUR FUCKIN’…”  Todd put his hands up, as if to block the sound from going to his house and said laughingly, “Turn it down, my parents haven’t heard it yet!”  It was probably the first time I had heard Todd say the “F” word too (he used to say “flippin” instead). Listening to the record on the drive home that day I realized, Todd is in a real band… This is fuckin good punk rock, dude!
So here we are years later and I’m working at Recess Records when Todd tells me, “Just got the mastered Underground today, I’m sending you a MP3 right now.” Awesome! I worked the rest of the day, mailing records and shirts around the world. I get home and download the new stuff and holy shit, I’m blow away again (Cheesy but true)! I texted Todd, “It’s not a record, it’s a movement! Dude, REALLY GOOD! I totally get it, REALLY GOOD!” What I meant by, “I totally get it” is, it doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard before… musically or recording style. Originally risky and thoughtfully crafted music made to be listened to AND I got to sing backups on a song! Look at me, mom, I’m on a hit record! I wonder if Todd is going to let his parents hear this one.

First 100 vinyl orders get a poster and GREEN vinyl that’s only available through Recess or,if still available!, one of the record release shows (April 30 @ Bar Pink-San Diego or May 7 @ Pherespace-LA).

Track list–Listen to full tracks by clicking either “video” and/or “stream”. “Plus Interview” means there’s an interview on the other side of that link:

  1. That I Dunno Video or Stream (Plus interview)
  2. Jimmy V Video or Stream (Plus interview)
  3. Animals? 30 seconds?
  4. Animals! Run! Video
  5. My Number’s on The Stall Stream (Plus tour awards!)
  6. And You Think YOU can Tame Me?! Video
  7. Bus
  8. Up For Grabs
  9. 2010 Video
  10. We Aren’t The World (Lalalalalalalalala) Video or Stream (plus interview)
  11. Bitter
  12. Run! Chicken! Run!
  13. Stop Cryin’ Kid Video
  14. 2010 reprise
  15. The Wicked Shakes Video

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