23 Jun

Posted by: Hal Ba Dal

This band could headline that bar in the 80′s movie, Valley Girl. Nicolas Cage is in a booth towards the back, totally getting his punk-love on. From the stage you hear, “Hey, we’re Landlord and this song goes out to a girl…a Valley Girl!” Just then Nicolas looks at his love interest with those bedroom eyes and says, “would you mind holding my punk jacket, I love Landlord and I need to slamdance.” The love interest says (with a mouth full of bubble gum), “I don’t blame you, they should change the name to Slamlord.” Nicolas is visibly not amused by this and drinks the rest of his beer (while staring at her with those goddamn eyes). He says, “Slamlord is stupid. Landlord is cool.” he takes off his jacket and gently throws it at her before walking through the crowed towards the pit. The love interest holds the leather jacket tight as she smells it for his essence. Nicolas gets right up to the stage and begins to pogo dance like a fuckin’ punk god…. Fade to black.

Anyway, Landlord is from Bloomington/Athens and the new full lengh LP is called Beneath the Wheel. click on the link for a free taste. –==HALBADAL==–

Letter from Admin:
Dear Hal, That band was called The Plimsouls. Actually they still are called The Plimsouls. That techno-rock you guys listen to is gutless! Are you impressed on how much i know? I hope so! oki doki,todd

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One Response to Landlord!!!

  1. Landlord are RAD! Can’t wait to pick this up. Hopefully they will tour soon and come through the Northwest. What ya think Will?!

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