LANDLORD hits the streets!!!

29 Jun

Posted by: Hal Ba Dal

Spent all day pumpin out the new Landlord “Beneath the Wheel” LP!!! Tito, our Pody Cast amigo, tried to get Todd and I to meet him at Bolsa Chica to surf and “bronze” with him. I said, “Dude, didn’t you get my Landlord Tweet? We got records to mail!” Then Tito tells me that “Beneath the Wheel” is a DRI lyric off the record “Thrash Zone”. I told him that nobody listened to that DRI record and he agreed. On a lighter note, Todd went to play basketball and his cat, Baby Boy, tried to barf up a hairball on me. He choked it back down and I thought, “I bet Baby Boy would be a great drunk.” Oh, Shanty Cheryl was wearing purple from head to toe today. That is all.
P.S. A new Pody Cast is coming soon, I can feel it!!!

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One Response to LANDLORD hits the streets!!!

  1. greeze says:

    I shoveled my driveway many a days as a youth to that DRI tape!!! so there!!!

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