I Pee In Pools! For FREE!!

30 Sep

Posted by: Todd C

16 song sampler of the Recess Family. And you get this for FREE! Just press CLICK! There’s even a file to print yer own cover!

Fun Spot 2:18 Audacity-Alt version from upcoming LP
V-Chip 1:10 Toys That Kill-Alt version from upcoming LP
Reincarnival 1:54 Big Kitty-Florence LP
I Know What You Want 1:07 Summer Vacation-Condition LP
Water Water Everywhere 1:39 The Arrivals-Volatile Molotov LP
Battle of the Hopeless Crushes 1:19 Japanther-Beets,Limes & Rice LP
Yardsale Heart 2:24 Lenguas Largas-S/T LP
A Little Lost 1:49 The Gr’ups-A Lil Lost 1992-1994 LP
Start with a Maybe 2:43 Hot New Mexicans-S/T LP
Lovers Arms 2:59 The Treasure Fleet-Alt version from upcoming LP
That I Dunno 2:27 The Underground Railroad to Candyland-Knows Your Sins LP
Doesnt Work For You 2:00 God Equals Genocide-It Wasn’t Made For Us EP
Question Mark 1:48 Stoned At Heart-Party Tracks Vol.1 LP
Radio Action 2:33 The Bananas-New Animals LP
Battery Low 1:01 Todd Congelliere-Clown Sounds LP
Godspeed 3:07 Landlord-Beneath The Wheel LP

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3 Responses to I Pee In Pools! For FREE!!

  1. Glen Naughty says:

    Yo Todd. Thsnks 4 the freebie

  2. saltlikea says:

    deez my bois in summer vacation, recess is lucky to get dibs on condition shit is gonna be some shit

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