Treasure Fleet-Cocamotion LP out now!

25 Apr

Posted by: Todd C

In summer 2007, just on the heels of recording “Marvels of Industry” with his band the Arrivals, Isaac Thotz went on a month long binge of drink and drugs and 1960’s psychedelic rock that ended with a self-recorded twelve song demo of acoustic psychedelic pop songs, a collection sounding like Syd Barrett outtakes. At the end of the month, the Arrivals went on tour with Underground Railroad to Candyland, where Isaac showed his recordings to Todd Congelliere (of URTC and owner of Recess Records) and by the end of that week, on a rooftop party at a tenement in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, they’d resolved to start their new mod-psych band…READ MORE

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