New Recess releases by Screeching Weasel and Federation X!!

20 Sep

Posted by: Todd C

Screeching Weasel-Anthem For A New Tomorrow LP $10.00
Gatefold jacket! Limited colored vinyl!300 each of blue,red,green, clear.
SCREECHING WEASEL’s great fifth full-length! This one has spent years as my favorite Weasel album only to be crowned and then uncrowned many times by their mighty 1991 epic My Brain Hurts. Read More

Federation X-The Only Fool Is You 7″$5.00
Recess would like to offer a gracious apology for ignoring the little, yet handsome, 7″ format for many years. There is no reasonable excuse for this lack of sensitivity. Therefore we step up our shit and offer you this mammoth of an ep by one of our favorite bands, Federation X! Read more

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