(((Wanna Know?)))

Recess records was dumfounded in 1990 with the release of the F.Y.P-extra credit 11 song 7″. label founder/F.Y.P/Toys That Kill frontman,Todd Congelliere, didnt exactly plan to start a record label, he was just very much into putting out a 7″ of his songs, fully believing that five years down the line he might have couchs and beds made out of boxes of records he couldnt sell. that didnt exactly happen. between running classified ads in berkeley based maximum rock n roll fanzine and going to skateboard contests(that todd was suppossed to be skating in instead of trying to peddle,as he was pro at the time) with a game boy bag of 7″s to sell,miraculously he got rid of all 500. The rest snowballed from there. Even to the point where he started putting out friends bands and hiring a long time buddy,hal ba dal. “recess has always been about being the losers,yet full knowing that we’re better than all.” says todd. being in business for nearly 14 years now would hardly confine one to loserdome. True,they havent had a runaway hit(i.e. offspring,green day etc) but have had decent selling records by bands like the Dwarves,Quincy punx,propagandhi,furious george,F.Y.P,Toys That Kill and much more that the recess staff is proud of before it even hits the streets.in other words if it sells 50,000 or 50, its still a great record to them.
notes: Recess started in a bedroom in torrance,ca 1989. In 1995 recess was moved out of the apartment into a warehouse. in 1997 recess relocated to san pedro,ca (15 minutes away)and has been there since.

8 Responses to (((Wanna Know?)))

  1. corey j says:

    hey dude, you should stop in Red Bluff on the 15th. it will be a house party. lets rock. let me know.

  2. Robert J says:

    Hello. Do you accept demos? huge fan of your stuff. all the way back to berzerk! thanks for your time!

  3. Todd C says:

    we do just to hear new music but we aren’t really considering new releases at the moment. thanx!

  4. I don’t know if you’re looking to put out any new band releases, so I thought I’d send you a message with a link to my band Dead Skull in case you’re interested.



  5. Danny says:

    Thanks for great music!

    But what about the Cuts? Who were those guys? I saw them play with the Donnas and I think Smugglers, back around 2000 or so. But I haven’t been able to find anything about them since. I prolly shoulda forgot them by now, but it was a good show, and I want to hear their music again dammit!

  6. Joel Only says:

    New old-school-like punk pop/power pop from Chicago. Maybe you won’t hate it.


  7. Tim Johnson says:

    Just wanna know if the new Screeching Weasel(released May 26)is gonna be released on CD also?Please email me back.

  8. Todd C says:

    yep! it’s available now!

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