(((Collectors Corner)))

Hey collectors! Here’s a list of colored vinyl pressings (and a coupla rare tapes) ,in my memory of course. There’s been some exceptions in the past but we try to do a small and strict first pressing of non-black and then continue with black.

More info can be found here Recess Discogs. Although we dunno who edited it.

(not numbered )five year plan demo tape(1988)3 or 400 copies

(not numbered)five year plan-extra credit demo tape(1989)200 copies,

recess#1 F.Y.P-extra credit 7″(1990)1st 1000 had green/white cover(burning report card)1st 500 gold vinyl.2nd pressing had a blue cover.3rd pressing,years later,had brown andgreen(dunce)cover with white or clear vinyl.now with yellow and pink cover with pink vinyl.

recess#2 F.Y.P-made in usa 7″(1991)first pressing of 500 on red or blue vinyl,2nd pressingof 500 on green vinyl,3rd pressing of 2000 on black,4th pressing of 1000 on red (again,butwith glued sleeve instead of the first pressings foldover sleeve and different “pledge of allegiance label),5th pressing of 500 on black.

recess#3 garden weasel-without direction7″(1992)1st 500 on orange vinyl,2nd 500 black (out of print).

recess#4 F.Y.P-finish your popcorn LP(1992)1st 1000 had b&w jacket(sidewalk chalk picture)250 had grey vinyl

recess#5 sheep squeeze/fumes split 7″(1992)500 on black (out of print).

recess#6 quincy punx-get the humans 7″(1993)this one had so many different color coversim not gonna get exacts,but first 500 had a yellow cover,with comic book attached,and gold (beer)vinyl,i know there was green and grey vinyl copies,but dunno know which press it was.

recess#7 play at your own risk vol.1 7″(1993) 1st 1000 had brown and white cover with swirled vinyl,with blank labels that we hand stamped with a recess stamp on one side and a “teachers comments”stamp on the other.2nd press copies had grey vinyl,orange and white cover.both printings had booklet,3rd pressing have glued sleeves with blue ink.

recess#8 bored to death 7(1993)(out of print)1st 500 had orange cover/black vinyl,2nd had swirled inkcovers.all had no printing on the labels(again,ya so what if i was a cheap ass,labels schmabels!)instead of stamping this time there was a hand crayon drawing of idiotic faces,on each label,pain in the ass? indeed.

recess#9 F.Y.P-incomplete crap cd(1994).

recess#10 Quincy punx-were not punx..but we play em on t.v. LP(later released on cd too)(1994).first 1000 covers with light green ink,instead of present dark green.

recess#11 yah mo’s-off your parents 7″(1994)(out of print)1st press had red/white cover,2nd had green.

recess#12 propagandhi/i spy split 10″(1994)(out of print)1st press blue ink for the propagandhi sideand red ink for the iÊspy side

recess#13 F.Y.P-dance my dunce LP/cd(1994).ink on lp labels on first press are green.1st presscd covers are orange

recess#14 propagandhi-where quality is job one 2×7″(1995)1st press are brown and yellow vinyl(clear),2nd are brown and yellow(solid),the rest are grey and black.

recess#15 the crumbs-i fell in love with alien girl 7″(1995)1st press black vinyl and camewith a crumbs button.2nd press grey vinyl.

recess#16 Quincy punx-(m.e.) 7″(1995,re-issue from 1992).

recess#17 I spy-revenge of the little shits 10″/cd(1995)(will go out of print when remaining stock is gone).

recess#18 play at your own risk vol.2-two 7″s and one 5″(1995)1st 1000 is a box set,grey vinylon the 7″s,2nd is a trifold jacket.

recess#19 propagandhi/F.Y.P split 7″ and picture disc(1996)picture disc out of print.

recess#20 fumes-ugly people cd(1996)(out of print)

recess#21 criminals 10″(1996).

recess#22 pud-i was a teenage rancor 7″(1996).

recess#23 chickenhead-everything must go 7″(1996,reissue from 1993).

recess#24 F.Y.P-toilet kids bread LP/cd/cass(1996).white shell on 1st press on cassette.

recess#25 beatnik termites-stawberry girl 7″(1996)

recess#26 beatnik ternites-ode to susie and joey 7″(1996).#25 and #26 are reissues.

recess#27 Quincy punx-stuck on stupid 10″/cd(1996) cd will be in a jewel case from now on,instead of sleeve.

recess#28 joey tampon and the toxic shocks 7″(1996).2nd press is pink vinyl.

recess#29 cancelled.

recess#30 les turds-beer is my co pilot 7″(1996).

recess#31 second hand-puke and fall over 7″(1996).

recess#32 dwarves-toolin for lucifers crank cd(1996).

recess#33 dwarves-toolin for a warm teabag 12″(1996,reissue).

recess#34 recess drunk kareoke jam one sided 7″(1996)limited to 100 for preferedmailorder customers(out of print).

recess#35 the crumbs-shakespeare 7″(split release with lookout)(1997).

recess#36 dwarves-everybodies girl 7″(1997).

recess#37 dwarves-young and good looking LP/cd(1997)(#36 and #37 split release with theologain).

recess#38 berzerk-my first 7″(1996).

recess#39 hot curly weenie cd comp.(1997).1st press cover is green.

recess#40 pud-the one on the wall is a trout…i’m the shark LP/cd(1997).

recess#41 kankersores-pivot 7″(1997)clear vinyl.

recess#42 furious george-bananas pic disc 7″(1997)(limited).

recess#43 furious george-gets a record LP/cd(1997),1000 lp’s on yellow vinyl.

recess#44 hal ba dal-sings birthday favorites.one sided 7″(1997)limited to 50(out of print)

recess#45 F.Y.P-my man grumpy LP/cd/cass.

recess#46 quincy punx-nutso smasho lp/cd(1st 1000 lpÕs come with comic book)

recess#47 f.y.p/grumpies split 7Ó

recess#48 sex offenders-s/t lp/cd (1st 500 lp’s on red wax)

recess#49 v/a hot curly weenie vol.2 cd

recess#50 F.Y.P-incomplete crap vol.2 cd

recess#51 Dwarves- free cocaine double lp/cd(1st 750 2x lp’s come on white vinyl,3rd pressing of 500 come in white and red swirl wax)

recess#52 Dwarves-lick it double lp/cd(first 750 2xlp’s are green and pink wax.first 1000 cd’s have “recess#51″on cd spine.the rest its been stripped out because its a damn error)

recess#53 i was a murder junkie book/cd (first 2000 only have isbin code,future pressingswill include upc/different cover) 2nd edition(nov.2001-new cover and photos

recess#54 hidden resentments-palm tree’s & cruelty 7″ (first press 300)

recess#55 the grumpies-who ate stinky lp/cd (first 500 lp’s are red vinyl)

recess#56 stun guns-fast,clean,cheap 7″ (300 on red wax)

recess#57 workers comp cd

recess#59 the criminals lp/cd (first 500 lp’s on orange wax)

recess#60 beatnik termites-you’re all talk 7″ first 500 green wax

recess#61 beatnik termites-bubblecore lp/cd/cs first 500 lp’s on green wax

recess#62 beatnik termites-circles 7″(300 on clear wax)

recess#63 berzerk-theyaftame lp/cd first 500 lp’s purple wax

recess#64 jag offs/four letter words split cd

recess#65 dwarves-way out 7″ pictue disc(limited to 2000.first 1000 have clear outeredge,second 1000 have black around edge)

recess#66 j.c.c.c.-no more room in hell cd

recess#67 F.Y.P-toys that kill lp 500 grey swirled vinyl (comes with poster)

recess#72 The Crumbs-s/t LP/CD

recess#73 Toys That Kill-the citizen abortion LP. 500 blue swirled vinyl. labels on wrongside(side A on B etc) (2012 Reissue: 300 black vinyl-chipboard covers)

recess#75 Civic Minded 5-E=CM5 LP first 300 grey marbled vinyl,silk screened record jackets

recess#76 V/A Triskadekaphobia CD

recess#77 V/A The Recess Video VHS(1st press of 400 have black shells– 2nd press of100 have green shells)

recess#78 End of the world news 7″ (1st press of 500 clear w/ black swirled vinyl)

recess#79 Rivethead-cheap wine of youth 12ep (500 on black vinyl. 2nd pressing 300 grey w/updated chipboard cover w/slightly new art)

recess#81 The Blacks / Civic minded 5 split 7″ (600 on black vinyl)

recess#80 The Crumbs-hold that shit right CD

recess#82 Toys that kill- control the sun LP/CD (first 2500 LP’s have a 7″ picture inside of LP) (2nd pressing 500 black)

recess#83 Shark Pants-porno snakehead LP (300 red 300 black)

recess#84 Swing Ding Amigos/ Civic Minded 5 split 7″ (600 on black vinyl)

recess#86 V/A CLIMB OFF EASE UP AND SUCK DOWN DVD (first 100 are homemade)

recess#88 Berzerk-a.e.i.j.n. 7″ (500 on black vinyl)

recess#90 Swing Ding Amigos-kings of culp LP/CD (300 pink/grey/purple LPs)

recess#92 Modern Machines-taco blessing 12″ep/CDep (first 300 LP’s have blank labels)

recess#95 Bent Outta Shape-stray dog town LP/CD (first 300 LP’s grey/green vinyl,silkscreened covers, and blank labels)

recess#96 The Bananas-forbidden fruit LP (First 300 on yellow vinyl)

recess#98 Off With Their Heads-hospitals (First 500 on multi-colored (Grey)vinyl, 300 Black, 300 Purple) (2013 repress 300 red, 300 green)

recess#100 F.Y.P-5 year plan LP (First 300 on green vinyl)

recess#101 Toys That Kill-shanked! LP (First 300 on red vinyl)

recess#102 The Arrivals-marvels of industry LP (First 300 on green-ish grey-ish vinyl)

recess#103 Modern Machines-take it,somebody LP (First 300 on gold vinyl)

recess#105 The Bananas-a slippery subject LP (First 300 on red vinyl)

recess#106 The Queers-munki brain LP (First 300 on grey vinyl)

recess#107 The Queers-love songs for the retarded LP (First 300 on multi-colored vinyl)

recess#109 Dear Landlord/ Chinese Telephones split 7″ (First Pressing: 500 violet vinyl. Second Pressing: 500 black vinyl.Third Pressing: 250 red vinyl, 250 pink vinyl.Fourth Pressing: 500 mixed color vinyl (145 peach, 70 pink, 70 egg yolk yellow, 70 banana yellow, 65 orange, 35 man flesh, 30 tangerine, 15 gold)

recess#110 The Underground Railroad to Candyland LP-bird roughs (First 300 tour only blue vinyl. Second 300 gold vinyl. Third 300 Black)

recess#111 Screeching Weasel-Boogadaboogadaboogada LP (2000 Gatefold Jacket. First 500 multi-colored vinyl,2nd 500 pink vinyl, 3rd 500 blue vinyl)

recess#112 Thee Makeout Party-Play Pretend LP (First 600 black vinyl)

Recess#113 The Bananas-New Animals LP (1st 300 yellow vinyl)

Recess#114 Pinhead Gunpowder 7″ (1st 600 blue & green vinyl, next 300 red vinyl,next 300 purple vinyl, next 300 multi-colored)

Recess#115 The Bananas-Nautical Rock n’ Roll (300 Opaque Yellow)

Recess#116 Japanther-Skuffed Up My Huffy LP (500 Green Vinyl)

Recess#117 Screeching Weasel-My Brain Hurts (1st 2000 gatefold jacket-White,Clear,Orange,Solid Pink vinyl-500 each color)

Recess#118 Audacity-Power Drowning LP (25 Green vinyl, 475 White vinyl)

Recess#119 Screeching Weasel-Wiggle LP (500 White, 500 Clear, 500 Green, 500 blue-Gatefold jacket)

(Recess catalog #’s 120-125 state the amount pressed NOT shipped. Most copies we’re recalled and destroyed on request by the band. So the amount that survived is much lower than numbers below. WILL NOT BE REPRESSED)
Recess#120 Pinhead Gunpowder-Kick Over The Traces LP/CD (500 Blue, 500 Green, 500 Clear, 500 Red)

Recess#121 Pinhead Gunpowder-Jump Salty LP/CD (500 White, 500, Clear, 500 Green)

Recess#122 Pinhead Gunpowder-Carry The Banner LP/CD (500 Red, 500 Clear, 500 White)

Recess#123 Pinhead Gunpowder-Goodbye Ellston Ave LP/CD (500 Pink, 500 White, 500 Clear)

Recess#124 Pinhead Gunpowder-Compulsive Disclosure LP/CD (500 Clear, 500 White, 500 Green)

Recess#125 Pinhead Gunpowder-Shoot The Moon LP/CD (500 Gold, 500 White, 500 Clear)

Recess#126 The Spits IV (School’s Out) LP (500 orange vinyl-500 black) (currently in print on In The Red Records)

Recess#127 Fleshies-Brown Flag LP (500 Brown vinyl)

Recess#128 Screeching Weasel-Anthem For A New Tomorrow LP (500 Red,500 blue, 500 clear, 500 green)

Recess#129 Screeching Weasel-How To Make Enemies & Irritate People LP (500 Red,500 blue, 500 gold, 500 white)

Recess#130 Screeching Weasel-Kill The Musicians 2xLP (Aborted. Test pressings only exist)

Recess#132 The Queers-Move Back Home LP (Aborted. Test pressings only exist)

Recess#133 The Queers-Dont Back Down LP (Aborted. Test pressings only exist)

Recess#134 The Queers-Grow Up LP (Aborted. Test pressings only exist)

Recess#135 God Equals Genocide-It Wasnt Made For Us 7″ (100 special offset covers)

Recess#136 Bloodbath & Beyond-Punk Planets 7″ (500 Hand screened rasta color covers and grey vinyl)

Recess#141 Riverdales-Tarantula LP (300 Gold. 300 Red)

Recess#144 Stoned At Heart LP (300 Red)

Recess#145 Hot New Mexicans s/t LP (500 recycled black vinyl)

Recess#146 The Gr’ups-A Lil Lost LP (300 green vinyl-white hand stamped labels)

Recess#147 The Arrivals-Volotile Molotov LP (300 gold vinyl)

Recess#149 Lenguas Largas-S/T LP (300 Pink Vinyl)

Recess#150 Landlord-Beneath The Wheel LP (300 Gold vinyl)

Recess#151 Underground Railroad to Candyland-Knows Your Sins LP (“7 deadly sins” colored vinyl:
1) Green (Envy)(Transparent) 108 (Was only available thru Recess mailorder only)
2) Red (Anger)(Transparent) 311 (Available now-Stores/Mailorder)
3) Light Blue (Sloth)(Opaque) 53 (Was only available 4/29 at San Pedro Show)
4) Orange (Gluttony)(Transparent) 40 (Available thru No Idea Records)
5) Yellow (Greed) (Opaque) 65 (Was only available 4/30 at San Diego show)
6) Violet (Pride) (Transparent) 61 (Was only available 5/7 at LA show)
7) Blue (Lust) (Transparent) 63 (Available thru No Idea Records)

Recess#152 Big Kitty-Floerence LP (500 Black Vinyl)

Recess#154 Japanther-Beets,Limes, and Rice LP (500 Gold vinyl)

Recess#155 Summer Vacation-Condition LP (500 Blue vinyl ((50 Black vinyl test pressings with special silk screened jackets available only at their record release show)) )

Recess#156 Screeching Weasel-Carnival of Schadenfreude 12″ EP (700 Red, ((90 Yellow-only available at their oct 29th,2011 show)) )

Recess#157 Toys That Kill-Fambly 42 LP/CD (500 Gold, 100 Blue-exclusive to Drunken Sailor UK, 100 Green-Exclusive to Recess Mailorder, 2nd pressing 300 black, 3rd pressing 300 black)

Recess#158 Treasure Fleet-Cocamotion LP (500 Red)

Recess#159 Audacity-Mellow Cruisers LP (500 Opaque blue 500 black)

Recess#161 Closet Fairies-No Idea LP (300 black)

Recess#163 Federation X-The Only Fool Is You 7″ (500 black)

Recess#164 Dirt Dress-DLVNVN LP (300 gold)

Recess#165 Summer Vacation/Hard Girls split 7″ (500 mixed green)

Recess#166 Treasure Fleet-Future Ways LP (300 white,300 black)

Recess#169 Japanther-Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart LP (300 transparent pink)

Recess#170 Federation X-We Do What We Must LP

Recess#171 Dwarves-Younger & Better Looking 2xLP (300 red A/B, 300 clear C/D-300 Green A/B & C/D-500 Black A/B & C/D)

Recess#173 White Night-Prophets of Templum LP (300 white)

Recess#174 Benny The Jet Rodriguez-Home.Run. LP (300 Blue)

Recess#175 Can of Beans-S/T LP (500 black)

Recess#176 Future Virgins-Late Republic LP (300 green)

Recess#178 Screaming Females/Tenement split 7″ (300 orange)

Recess#179 Off With Their Heads / Discharge split 7″ (300 green, 300 red, 300 Blue-exclusive for Anxious & Angry)

Recess#181 Todd Congelliere-Wrong Side LP (300 red (w/ labels on wrong side) & 300 white (Labels on correct side)

Recess#182 Dwarves-Trailer Trash 7″ (300 Green, 300 Blue, 300 Gold, 300 Red, 100 Mixed)

Recess#183 Lenguas Largas-Come On In LP (300 gold)

Recess#184 Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll LP (200 Blue, 300 Green,300 Yellow, 300 Red, 300 Mixed, 300 White)

Recess#185 V/A Cavalcade of Clowns 7″ (300 hand stamped black vinyl-Cavalcade tour exclusive)

Recess#186 Audacity-Japan 7″ (500 red)

Recess#187 Treasure Fleet-The Sun Machine LP (300 gold 300 Blue)

Recess#188 Joyce Manor/Toys That Kill split 7″ (500 blue, 500 red (60 solid red exist), 500 gold, 500 green)

Recess#189 Screeching Weasel-Baby Fat Act 1 2xLP (500 red, 500 green, 120 gold, 500 blue)

Recess#190 The Underground Railroad to Candyland-The People Are Home LP (300 green, 300 gold, 300 black)

Recess#191 Birthday Suits-Spin The Bottle:Adult Party LP (300 gold, 300 black)

Recess#192 Mood of Defiance-In A Box 7″ (300 black)

Recess#193 Pale Angels-Imaginary People LP (300 clear, 300 black)

Recess#196 Wet Nurse-So It Goes LP (300 green)

11 Responses to (((Collectors Corner)))

  1. Kevin says:

    I was curious about why some releases aren’t listed. For instance, #120 – #125, which are Pinhead Gunpowder releases right? Also, as far as P.G. releases go, did “Jump Salty” ever make it to an actual press on vinyl?
    Thank you for your time!

  2. Todd C says:

    Kevin, there ya go. I updated it. thanx! oki doki,todd

  3. Nick C. says:

    I jumped on the PHGP reissues back in ’10, I have a copy of Jump Salty on white vinyl so I can confirm that some were indeed pressed.

    Also, AFAIK Compulsive Closure was 500 pressings each of Green/White/Clear, there was never a red. My copy is green.

    Does anyone know why exactly these were recalled/destroyed?

  4. Juan says:

    I’m curious about Nick’s question too…

    Why were the Pinhead Gunpowder records recalled and destroyed?

  5. Snax says:

    Hey Todd is there any way some day we might get to a DVD or an original VHS cooy of that movie you and Flippy made …. A time to destroy? I just saw a picture if Kermit the frog doing some blow and I can’t get the puppet skit out if my head. “Big head means big head Burt” or the gorilla saying “oooo you mother fukker”. Once on acid I watched that tape over and for like four hours. Please help me OBGYN Kenobi, your my only hope!

  6. Jayna says:

    Here’s a crazy dumb question…is there any way of getting my hands on bent outta shapes Stray dog town lp? I’m guessing its very unlikely but I thought I’d ask!

  7. Todd C says:

    Gonna repress it soon!

  8. chris says:

    do you still have boogada on vinyl ? or am i just not finding it

  9. Todd C says:

    No but we will repress it soon

  10. Paul says:

    Where can I find a digital download of the Garden Weasel release? I promise this is a serious question!!

  11. Todd C says:

    There’s no digital for this yet. soon tho

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