(((Righteous Business Homeys)))

You have to work with many different businesses while doing a label. Over the last 20 plus years Recess has learnt the hard way with some businesses but sometimes we just luck out with good people! Below are some that i have worked with enough years that i would highly recommend on a professional,ethical, and friendly level.

No Idea—Our Distribution. When Recess goes to jail, they are the call we make! And a great label to boot.
Bill Smith Custom Records—Our Vinyl presser. Greatly confused, I brought Kevin Smith an FYP 7″ to press up over 20 years ago and he made fun of my mismatched socks. His dad, the late great Bill Smith, would make fun of my beanie cap. I’ve tried everyone throughout the years and BSCR error percentage is the lowest! So yea, my socks were stupid.
Lucky Lacquers—Does our mastering (Lacquering) for vinyl. Sounds great,good prices and Dave Eck knows and loves underground music. And knows how it should sound!
Imprint—Does most of our printing. Awesome people. We met while playing in bands and i’m proud to see this business at where its at today. LP jackets, CD folders, posters….the whole kit and kaboodle! Walt and co never drop the ball!
CaliMucho—Does most of our T shirt screen printing. Been homeys with them for over 15 years now. We also live on the same block! T-shirt reorders are a ridiculously simple walk away.
Supersource—Our web hosting. I worked with Steve in record distributing for a minute and now i use his business. EVERYTIME i have an email clitch or need help setting up shop he is there wiping the tears from my eyes. I will pay a coupla extra quarters to support his business and get this kinda service any day!
Shanty Cheryl—Our main picture taker. Photography takes on a whole new meaning with Cheryl’s photos. She makes you wish you were at the scene if you weren’t. And if you were she makes it look like a better time than you had!
J Cutty—Just a shout out.

2 Responses to (((Righteous Business Homeys)))

  1. John Ziegler says:

    I’m a print music reviewer from Duluth, MN (google my name and Duluth News Tribune to see examples of my writing)
    Please send physicals of these recent Recess releases for print review: Thanks

    Wet Nurse “So It Goes” (Dave Sanford @ Distiller mentioned this one)
    The Underground Railroad To Candyland “The People Are Home” LP
    Toys That Kill
    Audacity “Mellow Cruisers” LP

    Send to: John Ziegler 5427 Otsego St. Duluth, MN 55804-1367

  2. Ward says:

    Hello Recess records If your looking for a future band to release check out this two piece we are called Shovel .We are from Phoenix Az. we are fans of another band on your label
    Languas Largas thank you for you time hope to hear from you soon -Ward Reeder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghRgmVMVJus&feature=youtu.be

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