Dirt Dress – DLVNVN LP out now!!

19 Nov

Posted by: Todd C

Dirt Dress LP OUT NOW!! $10 BUY!
FB Sound Cloud YouTube

Track Listing
01 Stray Cats
02 Sonic Death
03 Fat Lady Of Limbourg
04 Weight
05 Children
06 Alligator Lungs
07 Religion
08 Psychic Television
09 Royalty In Exile

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Treasure Fleet “Future Ways” Video Premiere!!

19 Nov

Posted by: Todd C

The excitement over here is quite top notch over this new Treasure Fleet album entitled Future Ways! Watch the video for the title track here now. Album out Nov 30th. Please spread the gospel!

“Future Ways” Track List:
1. Future Ways
2. The Well
3. Fat Ones
4. Treasure Fleet
5. Nitsa
6. Lovers’ Arms
7. Saxsa
8. Revenge
9. The Girls Who Run Together
10. The Clockmaker
11. I’ve Lost My Everything


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New Recess releases by Screeching Weasel and Federation X!!

20 Sep

Posted by: Todd C

Screeching Weasel-Anthem For A New Tomorrow LP $10.00
Gatefold jacket! Limited colored vinyl!300 each of blue,red,green, clear.
SCREECHING WEASEL’s great fifth full-length! This one has spent years as my favorite Weasel album only to be crowned and then uncrowned many times by their mighty 1991 epic My Brain Hurts. Read More

Federation X-The Only Fool Is You 7″$5.00
Recess would like to offer a gracious apology for ignoring the little, yet handsome, 7″ format for many years. There is no reasonable excuse for this lack of sensitivity. Therefore we step up our shit and offer you this mammoth of an ep by one of our favorite bands, Federation X! Read more

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Toys That Kill October 2012 tour!

14 Sep

Posted by: Todd C

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F.Y.P will play LA once more Sept 28th!

12 Sep

Posted by: Todd C

FYP at Blue Star in LA Sept 28th 2012

This doesn’t happen much and won’t happen much more.

Four Letter Words–JUST ADDED!!!! Slack Mafia will represent!!

18+//DOORS 9PM//$12 ADV//$14 DOS

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Dirt Dress LP coming soon!

17 Jul

Posted by: Todd C

We’re bitin’ our nails and sweeping dandruff off our shoulders in anticipation for the debut album from LA’s Dirt Dress. After a few cassette releases DD zero’d in on a great sounding and very well written album to be rightfully planted on the vinyl format. Release date TBA.
In the meantime check em out:
FB Sound Cloud YouTube

Track Listing
01 Stray Cats
02 Sonic Death
03 Fat Lady Of Limbourg
04 Weight
05 Children
06 Alligator Lungs
07 Religion
08 Psychic Television
09 Royalty In Exile

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Audacity-Mellow Cruisers LP/CD/Download!!

09 Jul

Posted by: Todd C

One of my favorite ALL TIME local bands finally finished their superb second album. The progression is bad ass and super natural! I might regret that sentence but F it!

Audacity recently spent three years spent on relentless touring, working up and scrapping (except for a few rare 7″s) what could have been an album all its own…READ MORE and BUY!

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Japanther European tour!

27 Jun

Posted by: Todd C

June 29th Vienna, Austria TBA 21 Augarten, Scherzergasse 1A, 1020 7pm free
July 2nd London, England Birthdays 33-35 Stoke Newington Rd. Dalston N16 8BJ
July 3rd Berlin, Germany Marie-Antoinette Bogen 47, Holzmarktstr.15-18
July 6th Barcelona, Spain Sidecar Plaça Reial, 7, 08002
July 7th Madrid, Spain Nasti Club Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 33 28004
July 9th Paris, France La Mecanique Ondulatoire 8 passage Thiéré, 75011
July 10th Vienna, Austria Rhiz u-bahnbogen 37, Vienna, AT.
July 11th Munich, Germany Kafe Kult Oberföhringer Str. 156, 81925
July 12th Nurnberg, Germany Musikverein im K4 – Königstraße 93 – 90402
July 13th Kutná Hora, Czech Rep. Creepy TeePee Festival U Lorce 11/1 284 01
July 14th Feldkirch, Austria Pool Bar Festival Reichenfeldgasse 9 6800
July 15th Innsbruck, Austria P.M.K. Viaduktbögen 18-20 6020

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Toys That Kill – Fambly 42 LP/CD/CASS OUT NOW!! TOUR!

14 May

Posted by: Todd C


…And after 12 years, they’ve turned this into some kind of science. There’s a chord change in “Nervous Rocks” or “Freddy And His Mother” that’s a Toys That Kill signature, where the song bends in a way you don’t expect and barrels right through the center of you. There’s a beat on “V Chip” or “I’ve Been Stabbed” that just about breaks the song in half…READ MORE

May 25th Oakland,CA at the New Parish (1234go Records Fest) ~
May 26th Sacramento,CA at Luigi’s Fun Garden +
May 28th Las Vegas,NV at Punk Rock Bowling
May 29th Albuquerque,NM at the Gasworks
May 30th Denton,TX at Rubber Gloves /
May 31st Austin,TX Chaos in Tejas at the Parish $
June 1st Austin,TX day off at Chaos in Tejas
June 2nd Las Cruces,NM at the Trainyard
June 3rd Phoenix,AZ at the Meat Market
July 15th Los Angeles, CA at The Fonda *
July 20th Pomona, CA at VLHS %
July 24th Los Angeles, CA at Blue Star %
July 26th-29th Hawaii (TBA) %
October 26th – 28th Gainesville, FL at The Fest

~ = w/ the Avengers and the Fleshies
+ = w/ the Bananas, Ennui Trust and RAD
/ = w/ Joyce Manor, Culo, Gas Chamber and Koward
$ = w/ Pierced Arrows,Tenement,Gun Outfit,Teenage Cool Kids and more!
* = w/ Screeching Weasel and The Queers
% = w/ Night Birds

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Treasure Fleet-Cocamotion LP out now!

25 Apr

Posted by: Todd C

In summer 2007, just on the heels of recording “Marvels of Industry” with his band the Arrivals, Isaac Thotz went on a month long binge of drink and drugs and 1960’s psychedelic rock that ended with a self-recorded twelve song demo of acoustic psychedelic pop songs, a collection sounding like Syd Barrett outtakes. At the end of the month, the Arrivals went on tour with Underground Railroad to Candyland, where Isaac showed his recordings to Todd Congelliere (of URTC and owner of Recess Records) and by the end of that week, on a rooftop party at a tenement in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, they’d resolved to start their new mod-psych band…READ MORE

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