Recess Newslitter #12013: Lenguas Largas and other 2013 Recess sneaks!!

30 Jan

Posted by: Todd C

Lotta Lenguas Largas news! First off,they are in the studio now finishing their follow up to 2011′s awesome S/T debut. Great songs,still morphing. You don’t know what to expect is what you can expect!
To top that off, Doug M of Built To Spill fame asked Lenguas to play shows with them! Starting off with playing right before BTS headline night at The Treefort Music Fest in Boise.
Also their Clown Sound 7″ got turned in and that series is about to pop! Lenguas Largas is volume 2. Landlord is volume 1.

Speaking of Landlord. Will and Chris,along with Patrick of Hot New Mexicans, started Purple 7. Great band! They are hitting the road. Check out the dates!

Achtung horizon viewers! Also in the works for 2013: Dwarves-reissue LP’s, Federation x LP, Japanther LP, The Arrivals LP (reissue of GNW), The Bananas-Nautical R n R LP, Clown Sound series inauguration, and Pedro Locals Black Sparrow Press and Benny The Jet Rodriguez! um, AND MORE!!!

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Going Postal?!?!

29 Jan

Posted by: Todd C

USPS just jacked up shipping rates AGAIN. We lost alotta money with orders just going out today!! SO we got to raise rates a lil. A lil more for overseas. Sorry it’s so ridiculous!

This NPR article is kinda interesting


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Screeching Weasel-How To Make Enemies and Irritate People LP!!

24 Jan

Posted by: Todd C

The 6th Screeching Weasel studio album rises from the dead again! Some would consider this the second “last” Screeching Weasel album. Riverdales we’re right around the corner at this point so it makes sense that this album is even more Ramones-inspired than the last. Mike Dirnt ( Green Day ) filled in Vapid’s shoes, for this album, after his departure. Recut for the best vinyl pleasure by Lucky Lacquers and the best SW art rework to date by Riccardo Bucchioni!!
Deluxe gatefold jacket & 4 limited vinyl colors! BUY NOW!

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Summer Vacation/Hard Girls split 7″ out now!!

09 Dec

Posted by: Todd C

Summer Vacation came into Clown Sound to track their side. Their best stuff yet, in my opinion! While San Jose’s Hard Girls (Members of Classics Of Love, Shinobu and Pteradon) contribute one great song,rounding out a damn fine split. All for you!

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Treasure Fleet-Future Ways out now! Limited white vinyl!!

06 Dec

Posted by: Todd C

Treasure Fleet “Future Ways” white vinyl shipping now. Limited to 300.

Wanna hear something totally lame and totally awesome at the same time? Ok cool! Rumors have been running rampant about white vinyl being the crappiest sounding vinyl for the last few years. So when I was at Bill Smith Custom Records telling Kevin Smith my order for Future Ways would be a first pressing of white vinyl I remembered to finally ask him. I said “People keep saying that white vinyl is horrible sounding but I can never tell” and Kevin responded with “People are full of shit”. In fact,according to him, white vinyl (and most opaque colors) are superior to transparent and virgin vinyl.

You don’t care?!? Chalk it up as a fuckn fun fact jabrone!

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Treasure Fleet-Future Ways LP Preorder!!

28 Nov

Posted by: Todd C

We are super flyin’ to announce the release of Treasure Fleet’s much anticipated sophomore (by the way of debut) album entitled “Future Ways”!! Preorder it,hear it,read about it here now!

Photo:Shanty Cheryl

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Dirt Dress – DLVNVN LP out now!!

19 Nov

Posted by: Todd C

Dirt Dress LP OUT NOW!! $10 BUY!
FB Sound Cloud YouTube

Track Listing
01 Stray Cats
02 Sonic Death
03 Fat Lady Of Limbourg
04 Weight
05 Children
06 Alligator Lungs
07 Religion
08 Psychic Television
09 Royalty In Exile

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Treasure Fleet “Future Ways” Video Premiere!!

19 Nov

Posted by: Todd C

The excitement over here is quite top notch over this new Treasure Fleet album entitled Future Ways! Watch the video for the title track here now. Album out Nov 30th. Please spread the gospel!

“Future Ways” Track List:
1. Future Ways
2. The Well
3. Fat Ones
4. Treasure Fleet
5. Nitsa
6. Lovers’ Arms
7. Saxsa
8. Revenge
9. The Girls Who Run Together
10. The Clockmaker
11. I’ve Lost My Everything


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New Recess releases by Screeching Weasel and Federation X!!

20 Sep

Posted by: Todd C

Screeching Weasel-Anthem For A New Tomorrow LP $10.00
Gatefold jacket! Limited colored vinyl!300 each of blue,red,green, clear.
SCREECHING WEASEL’s great fifth full-length! This one has spent years as my favorite Weasel album only to be crowned and then uncrowned many times by their mighty 1991 epic My Brain Hurts. Read More

Federation X-The Only Fool Is You 7″$5.00
Recess would like to offer a gracious apology for ignoring the little, yet handsome, 7″ format for many years. There is no reasonable excuse for this lack of sensitivity. Therefore we step up our shit and offer you this mammoth of an ep by one of our favorite bands, Federation X! Read more

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Toys That Kill October 2012 tour!

14 Sep

Posted by: Todd C

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