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Not too long ago four unique individuals emerged from the mouth of a cave in the sunken city - San Pedro, CA. With a hunger for excitement and a thirst for thrills they donned their respective instruments and began tearing new assholes into whoever crossed their path. Fronted by the two most colorful individuals San Pedro has produced since Chuck Dukowski and Mike Watt: Mishap (who's known throughout the land as a girl that's never backed out of a fight) and Jacob (who was once quoted as saying, "bleeeaaacchhh, the only people i've ever ripped off were AC/DC and Motorhead"). The Jag-Offs have spent the last year or so insulting the less-informed and making enemies; leaving in their wake a trail of destruction: 14 closed clubs (13 shut down, one burned to a crisp), 23 hospitalized (two of which were Jag-Off members), 5 trashed hotel rooms (in one night!) and one fired manager who couldn't deliver enough Jag-Off coctails (Jack Daniel's and cocaine) to be worth his 60% cut. If you had even an ounce of sense or self respect you would pick up the Jag-Offs / Four Letter Words split and witness a live Jag-Offs show before this band's inevitable self destruction.

the four letter words

Excerpts from Live Magazine (Garden Grove, CA) Four Letter Words, Polk high 33, the Leeches at KooÕs, Dec. 3 ...Next is what we have all been waiting for, yes, the Colonel, a David Lee Roth lookalike, a rude boy, a policeman and a normal looking bass player... yes they are Four Letter Words!! So IÕm already shitting my pants Ôcause these guys rock and the colonel starts talking like a Texas man... as my friend and I were sitting outside at the window... and they start playing and DAMN IÕve never seen such a ruckus!! Basically DLR did nothing but dance behind the drummer. So inside it must have been really hot along with all the alcohol certain band members consumed so the guitar player starts to disrobe and before I know it thereÕs a bare ass in my face!! And everyone is screaming!! But there is no shame, he couldnÕt care less that heÕs playing with the guitar covering his dong!! Honestly I canÕt remember the music, all I saw was ass! Then the policeman starts to get naked and YES we see the dong!! It must have been a full moon. So the kids dance and sweat and the showÕs over and KooÕs reeks of BO. We go inside and David Lee Roth is on the mic singing, shouting, whatever!! The room i s empty at this point as he lays on the ground screaming into the mic. This is one show that I will never forget!!! Go see these funky boys whenever you can! -Andrea Chadek, Live, Jan 2000

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