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the criminals

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The Criminals need no introduction; but just in case, here goes: Recess released their first full length (10”) back in 1995. They went on to do a full length for Lookout records and toured their damn asses off to where every kid in punk land knows their name. This release is the 10” and their first 7” (Hair Hurt Records) condensed in a cute convenient pair of formats, with all new artwork (insert contains artwork from the original release) plus liner notes and a “where are they now”file from the band. For those who don't know, the Criminals feature ex-members of Blatz, the gr’ups, the Aborted and more classic east bay bands. Note: This is not the Criminals new studio album on Adeline track listing: Route 666, Junkie Love, Leech, Private Affair, Corruption, Johnny Mnuemonia, Punk Rock Meatmarket, Lost, Independence Day, Parlez Vous, Half-way House, My Hobby is Abuse points of interest: • the broke up but will not be forgotten• Recordings from ‘94 - ‘95 that are long out-of-print • Albums on Lookout and Adeline



Pud prolly do need an introduction for first timers,but it wouldnt do em justice so i'll just say that in the small amount of time pud was around they made a 7" and a full length with more ummmphfff,style, and talent then 4 of your typical "this is our 5th full length on nitro and 8th year on the warped tour and bobbys starting his solo album next week " band's put together. and unlike those "rock & roll baby" bands that sport a lead singer that suffer from the J or J syndrome (dont know if he wants to be jagger or johansen), pud really didnt give a fuck ,like way before not giving a fuck and pretending to be iggy pop was so cool. imagine the pogues & sham 69 mixed with the boss,yes that bruce.

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les turds

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the following bands are also on hot curly weenie vol.1 cd rec#39


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i spy

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