im todd, the boss, graphic man , webmaster,and master of boris.
boris likes too pull the good ol' "launch & shank" as a form of revenge for
someone cutting his nuts off.what's master to do?

this is hal.
hal is in charge of making sure there
is not a dry seat in the house. i dunno if he works here anymore??
hmmm. he should

this is
tito doesnt work here anymore. he was one of the hundred victims that
suffered from the infamous "year 2000 recess restructuring program".
he now walks the earth as a nomad . wowwee! ouch!


if there are problems with this websites functionality please tell me

if you have trouble with any of the email address' above please report to

note new address!! the torrance box is closed!!! mail will be returned to you if you send it to the torrance box!!

achtung! bands who want to send in a demo to get on recess:
feel free to send a demo in ONLY if you just want us to know that you exist. recess is backed up like
a punk venues toilet and theres no money nor time to "sign" your band . besides recess has never put out a record by a solicitor. im not saying its a bad thing to send us your music,just do it with no expectations. and no,most likely you will not be contacted only because it would take 6 hours a day to write everyone back.

recess pobox 1666 san pedro,ca 90733-1666 new fax #!!(310) 831-2023