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recess#77 THE RECESS VIDEO VHS $10ppd
HOLY SHIT!?! The Recess Video is finally out!! 5 years in the making or 5 years delayed? whatever the case may be the long awaited recess video is out! Kid’s got damn near close to what should be known as “internet violence” with every announcement of delays. Was it worth the wait? Paddy (or lenny kravitz?!) from D4 said “you’ve outdone yourselves”, Blank TV said “the best video ive received all year,every band is great!” But in case your programed to think that this is like all the other “label videos” youve seen with nothing more than vomit inducing band videos (see diesel boy) that got rejected by MTV then initialize your brain! Consider it more of a dream /nightmare of mr. Craig Flipy with the recess “talent” haunting him not unlike showing up for the first day of school with nothing but tube socks on. Flipy is well known for his under-the-underground videos “time to destroy” and “prime slime”. Some bands that have full videos include the grumpies, the dwarves, berzerk, toys that kill (video featuring mike watt), beatnik termites, civic minded 5,4 letter words, F.Y.P and more! specially priced for you-the kids.
total running time: about 60 minutes

recess#76 v/a TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA "A San Pedro Soundtrack" CD $10ppd
S.A.D. & RECESS RECORDS bring you the `Pedro CD compilation you can't live without. 23 bands, 27 tracks, 62 minutes. Fine art by Mr. Raymond Pettibon (legendary black flag artist,as well as many others) & Victor Gastelum. Comes with a 18 page booklet of art & pictures fro;m each band. A soundtrack for your boring life... featuring *unreleased material from: *THE SKANKS *THE ROLLING BLACKOUTS *400 BLOWS NO COMPLY *WE GO SPEEDRO *TOYS THAT KILL *HARDBALL *PIGSTY *THE JAG OFFS *THE LEECHES *SECOND TO LAST *RIG *F.C.P. *ELVIS KNIEVEL *IAMBIC PENTAMETER CONSUMERS *LOITER ORGANIZED NOISE *BARTON HILL *FULL BLAST *FISHCAMP FARMERS BEER DRINKIN' WHETHER

#57 workers comp cd benefit for dawn black $10 with yum yum tree,F.Y.P*,dick army*,molotov cocktail*, the grumpies*,spodie*,sea monkeys*,boris the sprinkler, furious george*,the migraines*,kung fu monkeys*,the bristles,dominatrix*,gritando hc*,the murderers*,dilinger 4*,no fraud,J.F.A,10-96,milhouse*,memphis mike*,the bad popes*,my 3 scum*,karma parade*,& the hecklers*.

*= unreleased songs/versions

recess#49 hot curly weenie vol.2 the recess sampler cd only$3 the best complitation ever made!really!i mean theyres "flex your head", "let them eat jellybeans","beach blvd","hell comes to your house" "boston,not L.a." and on and on,a grip full of great comps,but we still tell you this is better!its got previously unreleased songs by:F.Y.P, Dwarves,the crumbs,the jag offs,berzerk, the stun guns,john cougar concentration camp,kankersores,the grumpies,les turds. also includes sex offenders,quincy punx,furious george,pud,hidden resentments,the criminals,andthe 4 letter words.get to know the recess family or live all stank like.

#39 hot curly weenie vol.1-recess sampler cd only $3! buy by the bucket!! yea i know everyones doing these,but this is recess and you cant and wont go wrong,friend.w/the dwarves,f.y.p, pud,quincy punx,propagandhi,berzerk,i spy,second hand, les turds,beatnik termites,chickenhead,criminals,the crumbs, plus previosly unreleased ditties from pud,f.y.p,les turds and out of print tracks from propagandhi,bored to death, and sheep squeeze.....a shitload of songs fucko!!

#18 play at your own risk vol.2 2 7" records and 1 5" record $8 box set is long gone.this time around its a handsome tri- fold jacket.starring Quincy punx,the crumbs,blackfork,annie & candy clutz,second hand,pud,slackers,chickenhead,les turds,teamsters,propagandhi,& i spy.tihs tae?

#7 play at your own risk vol.1 7" comp $3 with f.y.p,bored to death,the gr'ups,yah mo's, sheep squeeze,& the degenerates.

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