recess discography! hey collectors! heres a list ,if any, of colored vinyl pressings,in my memory of course.

  • heres a handy list of out-of-print recess stuff, just in case ya know.
  • recess#3 Garden weasel-without direction 7"
  • recess#5 Sheep squeeze/Fumes split 7"
  • recess#8 Bored to Death 7"
  • recess#11 Yah Mo's-off your parents 7"
  • recess#12 Propagandhi/I spy split 10"
  • recess#20 Fumes-ugly people cd
  • recess#21 the Criminals 10"
  • recess#28 joey tampon & the toxic shocks 7"
  • recess#32 Dwarves-toolin' for lucifers crank cd
  • recess#37 Dwarves-young & good looking lp/cd(now on epitaph)

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