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news:12/10 It's cold out there huh? Well then check out the FYP & Recess Zipper hoodies for sale! 11/29 I Just put up a crapload of vinyl and cd's from other labels. Some really great stuff! I'm Talkin OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, THE FLESHIES, DORY TOURETTE stuff. From labels like Thrillhouse, Small Pool, No Idea, Underground Government. 11/6 The Underground Railroad To Candyland "Bird Roughs" is now available thru mailorder and most bitchin' stores! The Underground Railroad to Candyland/ The Arrivals tour was sooooo quacktastic and i wanted to thanks to everyone who put on a show,came to shows, put us up, let us play their Xbox & Wii, let us eat their food, let us dress up their cats, and many other things! I was coughing up lung ass for most of it and it was still one the the best tours ever! I am grateful and thankful that we are able to do stuff like this and it would be lots harder without all yall. 7/26 Finally got The Arrivals LP's in! 1st 300 on colored wax! Also just got a grip of Recess Records shirts with just the logo on the front. The Arrivals & The Underground Railroad To Candyland are touring in oct. If you want us to play your town get in touch please! Also, Recess will be the proud presser of the classic Screeching Weasel LP's! The first reissue, Boogadaboogadaboogada, will be out this fall 7/3 As much as it pains for me to announce this, i must start charging shipping for orders as of today, july 3 (unless you order $50 or more). In the near 20 years that i have been selling music i have never charged for shipping cos i loved the whole "PPD" thing,even though the postal service has felt free to raise their rates as often as the sky is blue. Their most recent price hike is just plain killing me, as well as a whole slew of independent labels,artists, zines etc etc. For example, if someone only orders a 7" i lose AT LEAST $1 for every package i send! And i dont wanna stop doing 7"s. Not to mention my $20,000 debt (please keep ordering! hint hint!). I feel like this is the best way to still get Recess stuff for cheap rather than raising prices across the board. The shipping rates (USA) range from $2 to $4,so its not that much. There are alot of you out there (you and we know who you are!) that have been buying buttloads of Recess stuff lately and to say that we appreciate it is a huge understatement!! 6/21 New release alert! DEAR LANDLORD/CHINESE TELEPHONES split 7" out now! Plus i got a BUTTLOAD of "other labels" stuff (Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Off With Their Heads etc) 6/5 The Arrivals CD can be ordered today! 5/29 The Arrivals-marvels of industry can be preordered now...the cd's at least.4/19 The Crumbs-last exit Lp's finally in!! I swear! The Arrivals-Marvels Of Industry has been shipped off to all the right places and thee all good button is in the middle of being pressed right now. It is sooo damn good! Please check out some of the songs on our myspace page and The Arrivals page 3/19 The Queers-munki brain LP out now! First 300 copies on splattered grey vinyl 2/21 The Bananas-a slippery subject LP out now! 300 copies on red vinyl! 1/26 Dwarves-toolin' 12" (Recess#33) and F.Y.P-toys that kill LP (Recess#67) are now back in print! 1/16 The Underground Railroad To Candyland is going to Japan...with The Bananas!

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New Stuff

THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND- "bird roughs" LP/CD "I know its sunday but make bird noises anyways"
THE ARRIVALS - "marvels of industry" LP/CD Pretty,pretty pretty pretty...
THE QUEERS - "munkie brain" LP Super vinyl version of new LP.
THE BANANAS - "a slippery subject" LP Delayed...I'M SORRY NOW!
MODERN MACHINES - "take it, somebody " LP Flash infatuation
TOYS THAT KILL-"shanked" LP/CD Meow? Meow? Meow? FK U
F.Y.P - "5 year plan" Did we blow it or what??
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS- "hospitals" CD Mpls posi-core.
THE BANANAS - "forbidden fruit" LP Finally on vinylly! ha?
THE CRUMBS -"last exit" LP I should quit too!

Recent Stuff

BENT OUTTA SHAPE- "stray dog town" LP/CD--Great Great Great! NYC's finest.
MODERN MACHINES -"taco blessing" 12"/CDEP ay! paisano! tonight!
SWING DING AMIGOS - "kings of culo" Did i say better than Turbonegro??


TOYS THAT KILL - O aka Razorcake 7" $4.50 New songs. Some listed on the cover some not. whateves.
KILLER DREAMER -LP $9 Where's my cake?!
DAN PADILLA-s/t CD $8 Go! Yes Go!

SHARK PANTS-automatic pinner CD $10 4 news songs-3 from vinyl only. Japan release!
TOYS THAT KILL - dont take my clone 7" $4 Two new songs! first 20 get green vinyl. After that you gotta deal with it!
CHINESE TELEPHONES / DAN PADILLA split 7" fast crowd records first release. again, stay gold.
FURIOUS GEORGE - VMlive CD Way outta print. found some at me folks house and, well, here.
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