This was taped on 4-8-02 but I don't think Amy knew that I was taping until the end. I was taking a nap and she kept calling until I woke up. She was at her house in Columbus Mississippi and I was at mine in San Pedro California The sun was going down and I had just walked in the house from a killer day of surfing with Jay Adams. Respect Team Pain! So, read on as we deal with alcoholism, jail, family life and general confusion.

HBD- What's up freak momma?
Amy-Not much. What's up with you?
HBD- I don't know. I took a weird poop and I couldn't get the taperecorder thing to work properly but were still gonna try to do it. Are you ready to be interviewed?
Amy- I'm gonna get a piece of paper, I got some questions for you too.
HBD- What? No, I'm going to ask you questions. Hold on, I gotta switch phones. (I switched phones successfully) All right!
AMY- OK. You're going to have to forgive me if I start screaming in the middle of this because Brandon is getting on my nerves.
HBD- Who the fuck's Brandon! Is he your bow?
Amy- He tries to be but he's bad at it. He'd be better if he was not loud.
HBD- He's loud during sex?
Amy- Not just during sex but 24/7.
HBD- Oh, he's obnoxious then.
Amy- He's beyond that. He's 10 years younger than me. No, because he just turned 21 and I'll be 30.
HBD- Does he have the stamina for ya?
Amy- Yea, the sexual stamina. OK, go ahead, hit it.
HBD- I don't know.
Amy- You go first.
HBD- I don't have any questions.
Amy- Well what am I supposed to do then?
HBD- Well, what have you been up to lately?
Amy- I don't know. I talked to my mom on the phone. She bums me out. She's crazier than me.
HBD- You usually hang out with your dad, right?
Amy- Yea, I hate my mom. Well, I don't hate her, it's just that .. She dates a guy that's 15years younger than her.
HBD- So it's like a race between you and your mom as to who can date the youngest kid.
Amy- Ya, who can get the youngest. No, just kiddin', So what have you been doing Halbadal?
HBD- I've been trying to do interviews, I think I told you, the Melvins came to my house.
Amy- Oh really! Yea, you did tell me that. I was drunk the last time we talked. So how was that? Are they weird?
HBD- It was cool, they are awesome,
Amy- So, Did your mom ever get rich off that Fen-Phen thing?
HBD- No, enough to invest.
Amy- I'm trying to do one of those diets. Dude, Jayson's married.
HBD- Jayson Grumpies got married?! Congratulations.
Amy- Yea, whatever.
HBD- Is it that one girl, for a long time?
Amy- yea, yea.
HBD Jayson got married for real? It's not like the time when he lied and told us that you got married on a boat or something?
Amy- Yea, this is totally straight up,"i thee wed". Well, I think she's pregnant but I don't know. Jayson came over and hung out with me a couple weekends ago and I thought it was going to be like the old days but I don't know what happened. He wasn't married then, this just happened like last weekend. I got this place that we can play at all the time and I ask him to play all the time... He plays weird stuff.
HBD - like what?
Amy- I like Johnny cash and I like flaming lips but I have no desire to be in a cover band. It's called the CASH COUNTY SURVIVORS. I like Jayson I think he's a lot of fun. I love his family. You know, I've always said he was going through mid-life but I was kidding then. I really think its a serious thing now, I think its definitely an illness.
HBD-But he's still playing music, if he threw away his guitar I would cry.
Amy-That would be sad. But I'm still playing.
HBD-Rockin' what band you in?
Amy-Well, our friend Hunter is fixin' to move down from Lexington because me and Brandon started a thing. I never mailed you anything and it's sorta my fault because if I did mail it to you, you would really like it.
HBD-But now I just think you're lying?
Amy-No, it's really really good. It's called ANNOYA. But it's really good, it's kinda sweet.
HBD-The band SWEET?
Amy-Yea, the words are sweet, the sound's sweet but I think the vocals are not
HBD -Cool! I just bought a SWEET record.
AMY-Did you, what did you buy?
HBD -Um, It's like the greatest hits or something like that. It cost 12 bucks used! But it was well worth it.
Amy-Of what?
HBD-I don't know, it was an import.
Amy-It couldn't be called "the greatest hits" its gotta be called something.
HBD- SWEET, the band SWEET. Are you talking about the band SWEET ?
AMY-Oh, the band SWEET. I've never heard them, are they good?
HBD -You've heard them. They do "Ballroom Blitz", "Hell Raiser", "Fox on the Run". They sound like QUEEN but not as homosexual, ya know.
AMY- I was listening to QUEEN tonight, me and Brendan were doing the opera part together.
HBD-What are you doing for money?
AMY-I live off grants and loans so I pay rent off and I guess Brandon and Hunter are going to be paying a lot of bills. And I have my sweet daddy, he's awesome. Can you believe I'm 30 and he's still doing this?
HBD-Uh, me too.
AMY-How do you do it? Is it the cute little smile? Is it the baby syndrome?
HBD- I guess, I'm the baby of my family but I'm trying to get my shit together, be able to stand alone.
AMY-My dad is suffering from the "only kid" syndrome.
HBD-But it's not like he's skipping meals to get you through college, right?
AMY- Oh, by no means, he can afford it. He's a good man. He bought me my last car and I parked it in front of my house and somebody hit and ran at 3 in the frickin' morning. I was in bed and I heard the bang and I didn't get up, I was like, "It's really not me." and then at 7A.M. the cops were at my door. Somebody had knocked my car up on the hill in front of my house. They hit it hard as shit. It happens. I'm without a car but the dean of the school picks me up every morning.
HBD-Wait, what?
AMY-Yea, 'cuz I'm so cute.
HBD-Yea. So Jayson's really married? What's her name?
AMY- Yea, it bums me out. Becky.
HBD-So does he have a home with a phone?
AMY-Yea, but they haven't even given me the number. I think they cut off half the world. The only people that have the number are the guys in his band. Keith, that bass player kid. He's missing half of his leg, did you hear about that?
HBD-What do you mean?
AMY-This is crazy. He was driving his motorcycle down the road and he saw something or he hit something and he started skidding down the road and it skidded the bottom half of his leg off. He was going pretty fuckin' fast I would think, It skidded all the way up to his knee. (HBD-OUCH!!!) So now he has this really weird foot-iron-rod. It's really kinda neat, you can't even tell, he's like totally cool. But sometimes he'll take it off and like hop, it's funny. For some sick reason I thought it was sexy, hoppin' around on one leg. It's like, "He's hopping around on one leg, imagine what else he can do", You know?
HBD-Yea, you gotta get him. Are you smoking weed still?
AMY- Yea.
HBD-What else? No more pills?
Amy-Nah, I cut back. A couple pain pills every once and a while. No more zanix, I can't hang any more, I'm gettin' old. I can't stand waking up and not remembering. Well, you want to know the truth?
HBD-This sounds good, yea.
AMY-I'll tell you the truth. I went to sleep, this was a few months ago. I had only taken a couple because I had to go to school the next day. So I woke up at 7A.M. and Brandon's standing over me and he had taken 40 of the pills. He had broken into the convenience store and robbed them of all their beer and cigarettes, he didn't remember a thing. He went to jail for a few weeks.
HBD-But you had some free stuff, right?
AMY-No, the cops confiscated it all, I didn't get shit and Brandon was in jail, I was like, "Oh no, this fuckin' sucks."
HBD -Sounds like a party.
AMY-Not for me! He had a good time. The only reason he got caught is because he told the James the crackhead, he's only got one eye but he's really nice. He told him behind the store and the fat crackhead around the corner overheard it and called "crime stoppers" and collected 100 dollars. Brandon was on TV. Needless to say, I had no zanix left and I thought, "Well, maybe I've gotten away with more than most people can."
HBD -Yea, the past couple parties on 4th street I've been way to out of control. If it was just that I wouldn't mind at all but I got a girlfriend now and I love my friends and I don't want to hurt them. You know Tony-JAG-OFFS next door. I spray painted his room and told everyone that he shit the toilet seat and you know .. He's trying to bang chicks, that doesn't help. It's stuff I wouldn't have done if I wasn't so wasted. You know, you wake up and you've hurt your friends. It's not cool, it hurts, it sucks.
AMY-Tony's cool .. But he shit the seat?
HBD-Yea, he shit Titos bathroom. Titos gone right now. He's on tour with FISHBONE, he's a tour monster. So I'm kinda sad right now because I've been drinking to much but it's cool, I've slowed down. AMY-Yea, You better. I still drink but I'm nicer.
HBD-I only drank half a bottle of wine lastnight with Ana, we were just kicking back. I try to keep it to a six-pack now a days.
AMY-I think that's a safe number to go with.
HBD-But then you always want more.
AMY-Are you the same as I am? Like, once you start...
HBD-Yea, you don't want to stop.
AMY-I'm suffering from that same thing. I think it's called alcoholism. I think we're all in denial and I'm cool with that. I'd rather deny it than be stuck with it.
HBD -Well, I never thought I had a problem with it until now and so I'm doing things about it. I've been working a lot more, skateboarding a lot more.
AMY-You should skate more, is Todd skating at all?
HBD-Um, no. But I just finished building a ramp in my backyard and he's already stopped by so he might be shredding in no time.
AMY-You know what. I was looking through a Thrasher and I saw Todd and Sean and Tony and the tour van, the "General Pee" It must have been an old issue. How's Sean doing?
HBD-He's doing cool, he's got a hot chick and a really good job. He makes Matchless Amps for really cool people. He's rolling in dough, saving tons of money.
AMY-What about the JAG-OFFS?
HBD-I don't know, they are lazy.
AMY-They worse than us?
HBD-Yea, I assume, you don't tour, right?
AMY-Yea, I guess we have something in common. It's not my fault goddamn it! You gotta talk to Jayson. I want to but he's not into this shit, man. I don't know what to do. I really want to play and I'm thinking we can just start over, write new stuff. We can do that. I can't get him to come to. I talk to him all the time, don't even get me goin'. He's totally, "Well, I don't know." You know how he is. You know what it is, I think his wife hates me.
HBD-Is she the same one that you..
AMY-Yea, she's that one.
HBD-Then why wouldn't she hate you
AMY -I guess, yea. Why wouldn't she hate me. I put her through hell, she put me through hell. I gave her shit, she gave me shit. We never got along, why get along now.
HBD-Did you ever fight her?
AMY-I tried, I fought with the girl before her, yea. I should've been more like, "Oh, this is fun, bring her with us on tour. I won't hurt them, I swear to God." So, whenever Jayson shows up he has Scooter with him 'cuz he knows I won't talk to him. Scooter is the drummer of his new band.
HBD-Is he good?
AMY-UM, whenever the Grumpies first started he played with Steve and a couple other people and they were pretty good and stuff.
HBD- Scooter was the first Grumpies drummer?
AMY-No, we had Vince. Scooter and Steve started another punk band after WHITETRASH SUPERMAN broke up. Like Whitetrash broke up and Jayson and I went one way and Steve went another way and Jayson and Scooter played together so Jayson went with Steve and played and Vince went with us and played. Well, Scooter and Jayson started this new band witch is kinda a country thing and that band that Scooter and Steve broke off was a country band and now Jayson has gone over to the country thing.
HBD-Are you the only punker left in Mississippi?
AMY-Well, I got Brandon and then I got Austin and he's pretty cool. But Brandon and I play a lot of other stuff and Hunter's moving down here this month and then we're going to start playing again. I have a feeling this is going to go real good. It's sorta Grumpiesish but it's completely different. Its more street-ghetto.
HBD- What, are you guys rappin'?
AMY-No! It's punk but to be quite frank, I like it better than the Grumpies. Jayson would always knock my vocals, he would say I have no vocal control. So I have more Vocal freedom, nobody gets on me about it. Jayson's like overwhelmingly controlling. It's like, Greg and I thought the record sounded fine but Jayson freaked out brought it home and fucked it up. So this band is like the Grumpies but it's more like RUBBERBAND , have you heard them?
Amy-I'll send you a tape we got this one song. It's going to make you fall in love. I'm being serious.
HBD-But I'm already in love.
AMY-No, you'll be in love with the song.
HBD-So how did you come up with the name for the band?
AMY-I was listening to SLOPPY SECONDS and I said, "This is annoying, annoya, annoya." I don't like Sloppy Seconds. Do you like 'em?
HBD-I don't know, I never really heard them. I don't listen to as much music as people think. 'Cuz, you know, "Oh the Recess guy, he probably listens to all this stuff."
AMY-Ok, I'm going to go now because there's all this drama between the bird and the dog.
HBD-Oh is that what all that noise is. Are you going to send me that tape or CD thing?
AMY-What's the address?
HBD-Just send it to RECESS.
AMY-I don't remember it, is it 1112?
HBD-You don't have one record, What, did you sell 'em?
AMY-I don't.
HBD-What about your record?
AMY-Can you do me a favor and send me my record? And I want Dance My Dunce, do you still have those?
HBD-Sure, its a full on record company.
AMY-Can you send me a happy package, sticker and accessories. Things that make me smile.
HBD-A picture of me and Todd fucking? Amy-Yea, that would make me real happy.

I bet Mandy forgot about this. I bet Mandy doesn't want this to be on the website. It's a letter and poem she wrote to Recess Records but I'm only going to type out the poem, for now. Mandy wrote us this one back on 12-30-96 so "MY FIRST 7INCH" was still new and groundbreaking, if it was even out yet?. Girls didn't know they could be so mad back in the 90's and Joann screamed for all of us ... Who were 14 years old. Let's turn the pages of history, shall we.

Berzerk wants to go to Cali-forn-eye-aye
where we can bask in the sun all day
and swim in the ocean, and play in the sand
and pretend to be a Recess band
we want to see Bobsled and F.Y.P
Flam Retarded (Featuring Mishap!!) and Recess festivity
We'll stay up real early and sleep in real late
(ans even though we're on tour we'll still masterbate!)
We'll play our like metal, and make lots of jokes
we'll tap lots of shoulders and bum lots of smokes
we want to get shitty every fucking night. -well prolly just Tyler...
and sing "Another shot of whisky and you'll feel alright"
Maybe Joanne will losen up, maybe Tyler will score!! -Yeah sure.
Maybe nate can reform Jiro so he wont get in trouble anymore.
Maybe Monica can make a fake ID so I can pierce my tongue
Maybe Ryan can actually go (even tho his dad says he's too young)
Maybe we'll sell souls to the deavil, so we wont have to stay at home
and maybe (if yr lucky) we'll move to L.A. when we are full grown!
THE END! I LOVE YOU!! LOVE, Mandy the bassplayer for that little kid band.

I think that's nice, don't you? Why didn't she sing any songs! -HALBADAL


This took place after a long night of drinking a long time ago in Las Vegas. This was and is my drunkest interview to date. -HALBADAL

HBD-OK, My first question is, why is Mike Lavin's name "Lazer"?
Jason-I don't know.
HBD- What? Come on man, give me some stuff, were friends. I gotta write something down!
Lazer-I walked in and somebody said, "Hey Lazer!"
Jason-and he said,"What?" Because you already knew, Lazer.
Lazer -Maybe its because I play guitar very fast? or because I'm a good lay.
HBD -Sweet, Lazer's a pretty good lay.
Andy Harris-Lazer, in like 8 photos that I have of you you're like this (Andy does Lazers famous stage move that looks like he is cumming) (Lazer-That's because it hurts.) and your teeth are lazer white.
KidKevin-You can see his camera in your teeth.
HBD-Hey, lay off Lazers teeth, man. Everyone's talking about his teeth. Let's talk about his dick. He just said he was called Lazer because of his sexual prowess. I'll start, It's like a light saber I heard?
Jason-It makes a noise when it's in the room.
HBD-Have you guys always lived in Vegas?
CM5- yep.
Andy H.-I bet Lazers gone over Niagara Falls!
KidKevin-In a barrel? Jason-In a bucket.
HBD-They crammed his ass into a bucket, I heard. I'm so drunk I can't even see if the tape is spinning. Here we go, that shit's spinnin'! Let's talk about the ghost that's in this house. She's supposed to be a girl, how old?
Jason- I guess 5 or 6.
[Somehow we all started talking about picking our noes and eating it and chicks that do the same. I couldn't really hear it but it went on for a few minutes. Then I thought the batteries in my tape recorder went dead but they didn't. I guess Amy Grumpies was right, we drink to much. I'll get a good interview one of these days!] I love this band!


This is an interview(?) that hal ba dal recently (2002) transcribed. its from 1997 when joe was still around and provides some very fond memories. enjoy!

This F.Y.P interview took place in my expansive San Pedro livingroom around 1997. Well, it's better than another crapy interview, It's heavy drinking and smoking session caught on tape. We were watching the Shining (starring Jack Nicholson) when I decided to get my trusty micro cassette recorder to catch some of the hot slop punk action. This was back in the day when we would drink mucho 40oz. bottles of bad malt liquor in one sitting so try to keep that in mind. This was also back when Joe "Stoots" Ciauri had just joined the band. The reason why I'm transcribing this now is because I just found the tape. I can't keep track of everything, you know. To make this dope for the website readers I'll break this dream party up into different sections so you can come back and find your place if your beautiful eyes get lazy. Be forewarned, most people are not able to operate at the blood/alcohol level that we reached during this taping. I encourage heavy drinking but one must freebase before one mainlines, if you know what I mean. I know I can't spell!
ACT ONE: THE SHINING (OF THE LAST CIG) HALBADAL- Todd, can I have a cigarette?
TODD CONGELLIERE- Uh, sure, what else is not new?
H- Um, I don't need that.
T- Um, sure you do my friend.
H- this part in the movie's scary hu?
T- Red rum. Danny, red rum. Mrs. Torrance wants a cigarette, red rum.
H- I bet you she would have gotten her cigarette faster from that little Tony guy than I am from you right now (Nyuk nyuk nyuk). This beers talking to me.
T- It's talking to me too. Your beer that is. Have you seen Twilight Zone the movie. You know that part? The part on the plane, John Lithgow, he goes fuckin' ape shit. The little girl bumbrushes her Polaroid, takes a snap shot of the honky mofo. "YOU USED TO BE A NORMAL MAN!" That's a rap. [SEAN mumbles something]
H- What was that Sean?
SEAN COLE- That C will turn your butter into a shrinky dink in no time. [Laughter and then someone farted and then more laughter and then I burp.]
H- What's the name of your shining friend, Todd?
H- He lives in your mouth?
T- He lives in my armpit but he does come to my mouth occasionally. Right into my gold tooth, bitch.
H- Todd, DJ QUICK says in his songs that O.E. is good to the last drop. What are your opinions on this? [TODD takes a big swig of the sweet malt and let's out a mighty belch.]
H- That's a keeper! The Quickster also said in song that Old English 800 is for the true niggaz and the grown ups. Do you feel this way too .. should little kids drink the Old 8?
T- That's what I'm saying, I'm neither. But, when were talking about the OLD ENGLISH, 800 is the bomb! WHAT'S UP! [JOE was trying to sleep in the kitchen (he had a couch there) because he had to go work construction very early in the morning] H- JOE, your in F.Y.P, Do you feel cooler now because of it?
JOE "STOOTS" CIAURI- Definitely not only do I feel it, I, I know that I am. It's a testament to my coolness .. To be in F.Y.P, yes.
H- SEAN COLE, I want a few words on SEAN COLE.
S- You're a jackass, Over. [Todd lights up a cig]
J- I want one!
H- Todd, sounds like Joe wants a cigarette. Over.
J-I get paid on Friday. Over and out.
H- can I get a cigarette too?
T- doubt it. Over.
[Joe then gets Todds pack of cigarettes anyway only to find the pack is empty. Time to go to the store]
H- Joe, would you ever hurt me?
J- No, never have I hurt you, ever.
H- Would you ever, in the future?
J- As soon as I get as big as you I will. I'm gonna hurt cha.
H- Do you ever think you could acquire such berl?
J- I don't think so, no. (giggles as he pokes my belly)
H- Are you going to roll some more pot
J- Why, your not going to smoke any, chicken.
[Stoots was right, I wasn't going to "huff the weasel" but I'm not really a chicken. You see, pot makes me very self conscious and nervous]
ACT SEVEN SCENE EIGHTBALL: FAST TIMES AT RIDGMONT HIGH (GET HIGHER) You know what. I was going to try to finish the rest of this "hang out session" but most of it just doesn't make any sense. I guess you had to be there. The rest of the night consisted of us doing really bad singalongs with whatever was on the CD changer or Todd would play Beatles songs and we all would singalong to that. I'm sorry if you wanted this to be good, jerk! So, I guess people shouldn't drink a lot? You make the call. --==HALBADAL==--



[This interview starts off at Todd Congelliere's porch when he still lived next-door to me. I can't remember why this never went to print in any magazines so let's just say, for the sake of argument, I drink too much. I started the interview asking about "the gloves" because Reggie would wear gloves whenever pumping gas or setting up or breaking down his drums. So, let's read on as I give you yet another ball suckin' RECESS interview. Thanx-HALBADAL]

HALBADAL- Reggie, what's up with the gloves?
REGGIE- (Looks at me with total bewilderment)
HBD- What's up with the gloves, man?
R- (Smiles at me silently but still no response)
HBD- I heard about pumping gas and I saw you handling equipment with 'em...
R- Well, I'm a gentle man, Hal.
HBD- You're a gentle man. So, what's the dillio?
R- exsqueeze me?
HBD- You got gloves...
R- Yea?
HBD- It's for safty... Keep your hands from stinkin'?
R- I guess, yea. When we travel every day and loading tons of gear every day you get all scratched up. I'm a fragile person.
HBD- OK, I see about fragileness. I'm whispering words of wisdom, let it be. You know? (I laugh as if what I had just said was funny. But now it's funny because I realize ... I was doing this interview shit-face drunk)
ANDY HARRIS (Recess staff photographer)- Hey, Hal. Did you ask them about the fact that these guys, the Beatnik Termites, quite their jobs to hit the road and tour their life away?
HBD- Oh, of course. Was it six figure jobs you guys left behind. Aren't you a scientist or something?
R- Um, Pat and I both went to college. After college we started working and we hated it a lot so we decided to quit our jobs.
HBD- How many years were you working?
R- Almost 3 years.
HBD- I worked in a dish room for over 5 years so I know what you feel man. After the 2nd year I got all depressed and started doing drugs. Did drugs ever come into play with your hate?
R- Only on my birthday.
HBD- Did you have a cubical of your own?
R- I had an office with windows. Pat had a cubical, though.
HBD- What a dork! He don't make no money!
AH- Where is Pat, is he sleeping?
R- He's in front of the computer getting directions for the next show. Let's go inside and talk with him.
HBD- No! All right, where's my drink first of all? [We go inside Todd's house and if you were concerned, I found my drink]
HBD- So you guys had a video shoot today, how did that go?
R- It was excellent. It was the first time we tried to do anything like this so it was all experimenting and trying new things.
HBD- What song was it?
R- "Your The Only One." It's the first video that Recess Records has produced.
HBD- Are we producing it? I don't think so. I think we'll leave that up to the Cardamone father son team. Pat, let's talk about .. Are you upset because Reggie had an office and you had a little piss-on cubical?
PAT TERMITE-Actually I don't care if I was in a cubical or a hallway or a janitors closet, as long as they paid me. In fact I'd rather take money instead an office or a tittle.
R- Having a cubical is better because you can hide out.
P- Well, yea. I could like pick my nose and even like masturbate.
P- Well I thought about it but there was too many cameras around. But you can't get busted for picking your nose.
HBD- Do you eat it .. After you pick your nose, do you eat it?
P- Well .. Sometimes. But let's see what else did I do ... I cleaned my ears out with Q-Tips. I clipped my nose hairs one time in my "cube."
AH- We talked to Reggie about the ol' gloves and the gas thing, we want to know about the baby wipes now.
HBD- Yeah, you gotta ass fetish.
P- Fetish? I'm just a very clean person that's all. The main thing is .. When you wipe your ass all your doing is smearing shit around until it dries up.
HBD- But I like to think I'm scooping out the poop.
P- Well you're scooping some of the poop out but you're always leaving some in there. It's kinda like wiping your counter top off without wetting your sponge, you know. You're gonna smear it around, you'll get most of the big chunks off but you're going to basically smear a residual thing and it's not going to be completely clean.
R- And it's not like wiping off a counter top because you got the hairs there.
HBD yeah, nooks and crannys.
P- So what you gotta do is "wet the sponge" and to do that, you gotta get baby wipes. Wet rag in your asshole. It gets it clean.
HBD- So, after baby wipes do you do the dry finish up?
P- Oh yeah. After the wipes your asshole is still dripping wet with the aloevera and the solution. Then what you do is get the toilet paper and sort of pat it down to make sure it's not still wet.
HBD- Have you ever had hemorrhoids?
P- Oh yeah, sure. In fact I still have a couple do you want to see them. (Laughter, he didn't really show us his butthole) Yeah. I still get hemorrhoids from time to time but that's only because I'm constipated. I get a really big turd that's solid and wide, hemorrhoids.
AH- Man sausage, Let's talk about man-sausage.
P- Um, we have names for the male human organ for every ethnic group that's in the band. Like when Josh was in the band, he was Croatian... HBD- NO WAY, I THOUGHT THOSE PEOPLE WERE ONLY IN SAN PEDRO!!!
P- NO. But we always called his sausage "cevapcici."
AH- They're no more than 2 inches and they taste great!
P- And you know, Reggie's got the Italian sausage. [Then somehow we get into a 30 minute talk about the importance of flossing every night. I really don't think that another punk band could be as clean as the Termites. You could eat off any part of their body and feel good about it, kinda?]
HBD- Who would be your favorite band to tour with?
P- F.Y.P! Yeah, well considering that's the only band we have ever toured with (laughter) they're the best band we ever toured with (laughter). HBD- You could probably do without Rawl vomiting on your drum set? [Sorry Raul, I had to bring it up. (tee hee hee)]
P- Uh, yeah. I had a little talk with him about that and he was sorry for it so ... We sometimes get left holding the bag.
HBD- You guys sing. Most punk bands don't know how to sing. What kinds of music and or bands do you like?
P- Stuff like the Shirelles, the Ronnettes, Del Viking. Late 50's early 60's music. Dowop and stuff like that. Surf music like the Beach Boys. HBD- Didn't you record a Beach Boys song?
P- Yea, "FUN FUN FUN" on a 7inch
HBD- yea, "Fun fun fun Until your daddy takes the mutherfucker away."
P- Right, So from a song writing influence I guess 50's and 60's and I guess our delivery influence would be, you know, the Ramones and other stuff like Agent Orange and Black Flag and a lot of southern California punk rock. HBD- Do you ever listen to rap? P- No, I hate it. I'm just not into it at all.
HBD- What about country?
P- yea, like Patsy Cline, Hank W., Johnny Cash but that's about it. I don't know a lot about it.
AH- What about Heavy Metal?
P- motorhead is about as metal as I get. I love ACDC, you know. Black Sabbath's pretty cool. You know, old stuff.
HBD- What are some bands from your area you like, I remember you guys and the Proms doing vocal harmonies back stage at the Fantasy Night Club.
P- Oh yea, We like the Proms, Hitchcocks, Durfs ..
AH- The three biggest cities in Ohio all start with "C", right?
HBD- This interview's starting to suck.
P- Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus. Yep.
HBD- Wow, you guys are like that gang the Crips. What do you think, Crips or Bloods?
P- I'm mostly a Crip. Just because I wear a blue bandana all the time. But I have a red one too and then I have a black one, so what does that make me?
AH- That's a ... "black-blood" ... I think.
HBD- What bands were you in before the Termites?
P- I was in a band called the Mice and Reggie was in the Off Beats. But before that I was in Sleazy Jesus and the Splatter Pigs and also Terrible Parade.
AH- If it was possible.... Scotty (Beatnik bass player at the time also from the RETREADS on SKULL DUGARY RECORDS)- Jesus Christ Vs. Frankinstien, Frank any day of the week!
AH- But my question tonight is all about .. When will be the day that you can wear a Ramones shirt every day of the week?
SCOTTY- I could do that now.
AH- Already?
SCOTTY- You don't think I got 7 Ramones shirts? O contrair, I got well over 7 Ramones shirts, dude. I couldn't go a month but I have enough that I have to retire them every now and again. I had to let one go this year, it was the 3rd one I got.
AH- I heard you are going to be 21 in a month, what's that mean?
SCOTTY- Yea, a month and a week I'll be 21 years old. I guess that means I'll be buying beer for 17 year olds.
Sean Cole- Scotty, this is my question towards you and I want you to be completely honest with me. OK?
SCOTTY- All right. Is this interview for Thrasher? I liked to get thrashed.
SC- Scotty, can I ask the questions .. I want you to describe in full detail your first masturbational experience.
SCOTTY- It was an episode of HEY DUDE that kept running through my head and uh...
AH- "HEY DUDE", What the hell's that. Are you talkin' about dudes?
SCOTTY- No! It was a Nicholoden show, I was a late bloomer. There was this nice blond girl that's all innocent and then there's this rich brunet that's all snooty. They're both utterly hot and you don't know who to pick, so it involved them.
SC- How old were you?
SCOTTY- I was a late bloomer, I was a freshman in high school. No , it was the summer before. I was in the bath tub. It was pretty hot, I set it up to be all romantic, I turned the lights off.


Thanks to Andy Harris and Sean Cole for helping me out. Love, Halbadal




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