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Take our music! it's free! not only do i not care if people download free music, i think its nifty.
I see it as making tapes on a much higher level and it might just be one step closer to abolishing
that shitty middle man known to most as,well. um, ...THE MAN. Ok well maybe just that annoying
music industry will feel the pain,but that should be the point. Maybe,just maybe, we might be fortunate
enough to get rid of all the phoneys and all the "hey lets change our sound & ideals everytime
new issue of SPIN comes out". I dunno if we should hold our breath on that one though.
BUT if you do like a band (artist) you should support what they do by going to their shows, buy the
album they slaved so hard to make, or just throw a little dough their way in form of contribution.
That way they can keep doing what they do.

TOYS THAT KILL- " RUNNIN' THE FRONT" mp3 size:2.1mb (from Recess #82)
TOYS THAT KILL-"little bit stranger" mp3 size: 1.2 mb (from Recess #73)
TOYS THAT KILL-"bullet from the sky" mp3 size:1 mb (from Recess #73)
TOYS THAT KILL- "catholic damage" mp3
size: 1.6 mb (from Recess #73)

Sample each song from TOYS THAT KILL "control the sun" in itunes
Control the Sun
Sample each song from TOYS THAT KILL "the citizen abortion" in itunes
The Citizen Abortion

RIVETHEAD - " avoidance learning " mp3 size: 3.23 mb (from Recess #79)


SHARK PANTS - " water gun" mp3 size: 1.10 mb (from Recess #83)


CIVIC MINDED 5- " leavin' town" mp3 size: 2.11 mb (from Recess #75)


DWARVES- "its your party" mp3 size: 1.28 mb
(from Recess #51 and #33)
Sample each song from DWARVES "free cocaine" in itunes

Free Cocaine


BORED TO DEATH - "i hate myself but i hate you more" mp3 size: 1.6 mb (from Recess #8 out of print)


BERZERK- "cuties" mp3 size: 2.7 mb
(from upcoming 7"/cd Recess #88)
BERZERK- "traitor" mp3 size: 1.8 mb (from Recess #38)
BERZERK- "this silence kills" mp3 size: 2.7 mb
(from Recess #71)
BERZERK- "vision left behind" mp3 size: 1.8 mb (from Recess #63)


THE CRUMBS- "had a chance" mp3 size: 1.7mb
(from Recess #72)


CHICKENHEAD - "smash & grab " mp3 size: 860 kb (from Recess #23)


PUD - "in the 1980's " mp3 size: 2.72 mb
(from Recess #22 and #40 CD)


PROPAGANDHI - "the overtly political but oh so intensely personal song" mp3 size: 912 kb
(from Recess #12 OUT OF PRINT)