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Recess Roast Coffee

Recess Roast Coffee

Ships (Via priority mail!) on 12/12/19! Get it in time!

Whole Bean/16 oz.

Jon from Jbird Coffee Supply (Charlottesville, VA) sent me an email telling me he was an avid longtime Recess listener. One reply led to another and we ended up trading vinyl for coffee. I hate to admit it but I'm kinda a coffee snob. The amount of coffee he sent me left me hoping it was at least decent. It was SUPER good. So good that I asked em to do a Recess Roast. So here we are! 

The Recess Roast consists of my 3 favorites that they sent, Costa Rica El Jefe 33 1/3 Costa Rica Cafe Vida 33 1/3 Peru Cajamarca 33 1/3. See what they did there with the 33 1/3? Nice but there's no gimmick that messes with this flavor. 

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