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AUDACITY - Power Drowning (LP+DL-Limited Tour Edition)

AUDACITY - Power Drowning (LP+DL-Limited Tour Edition)


01. Dragging Day 
02. Mode 
03. Power Drowning 
04. Rama Donna 
05. The Feds 
06. S.S. Homo 
07. Sister Menthol 
08. This and That 
09. Teenage Town 
10. Slavery One 
11. Price Check 
12. Twilight Zone 
13. Dicks Hate Police 
14. Mr. Alvarez 
15. Cute Things People Do


Here's a super short run of 150 with stamped labels and silk screened covers. Don't miss out, or do, it's all good.

I saw these guys on a boat and thought they were the best band I have seen while skimming on the Pacific Ocean! From the first few chords they reminded me of Jerrys Kids. Like very early Jerrys Kids, as well as a slew of other early '80s hardcore bands, but within one minute into a song everything changed and I thought "Now they sound like the Bananas!." Yea, I put quotes on thoughts. So what?! They even do the Dicks "Hate Police." —T.C.



• Includes Download 
• Limited Tour Edition - Screened Covers

Recess #118


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