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BIRTHDAY SUITS - Spin the Bottle: Adult Party (LP+DL)

BIRTHDAY SUITS - Spin the Bottle: Adult Party (LP+DL)


01. Johntro 
02. Happy Man Forty Two Late 
03. Golden Weeks 
04. My Smell Boulevard 
05. Miracle Brothers III 
06. Minneapolis 
07. Legend Man 
08. Moon Bar 
09. Dual Personality


I've been in love with MPLS's Birthday Suits (by way of Japan) since the first time we ever shared a stage. This two-piece is the best live two-piece out there! I'm proud to have them on Recess. This one-sided 12-Inch slab oozes that great live set onto your needle! —T.C.


Here's What Scene Point Blank says:

"Birthday Suits always surprise me on record. Live, it’s fierce and reckless; sweaty mayhem and cathartic rock ‘n’ roll. On record, it’s more calculated, with the vocals coming stronger in place of the guitar/drum overload that powers the live show.

The Minneapolis two-piece play something in the vein of garage rock, but with a ballsy and crafty “serious” musicianship that’s as unkempt as The Stooges but alternately as precise as AC/DC. Maybe throw a little hidden Ramones in there somewhere too, and it’s rock like it’s meant to be. Traditional yet inspiring and ultimately unique.

Adult Party:

Spin the Bottle is just their third full-length in ten years as a band, and it’s just nine songs in 16 minutes at that. Those 9 songs, though, don’t ever let up. Intro jam “Johntro” showcases what the band is about, with hooky guitar and drumming that inspires new directional twists throughout the memorable bits—angular garage with a focus on the L-O-U-D. It then segues seamlessly into “Happy Man Forty Two Late.” Certainly an odd title for a song, but it’s driving and head-bobbing rock with the vocals from Hideo Takahashi punchy and articulate—they’re sung, but with an emphatic punctuality that hits on the beat. His voice has a touch of a yelp to, or a slightly higher pitch bark that plays well over the guitar tone, though tends to play second fiddle on stage.

The record carries different tempos within the songs, but never with a slow song thrown in the mix. Birthday Suits approach is to play loud and to play fast, letting up time to time within the song in well-structured pieces that could probably be three times longer if played by other musicians. These aren’t three chords distortions being thrown at an audience for 2 minutes a pop; they’re real songs with movements and progressions, wound so tightly that the tension is the defining emotion conveyed, the strings wringing and ready to pop. While it’s more melodic on the record than live (where it’s more furious), it’s a punchy record of impressive musicianship and a testament to the fact that garage/punk/noise/whatever you choose to call it, isn’t an anti-art statement, it’s just a tighter package that showcases different emotions."



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BIRTHDAY SUITS - Spin the Bottle 
Download individual tracks or immediate download of 9-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.



• Limited Gold Vinyl to First 50 Orders 
• One-Sided 12-inch 
• Includes Download

Recess #191

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