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CLOWN SOUNDS - Par For The Curse (LP/Bundle)

CLOWN SOUNDS - Par For The Curse (LP/Bundle)

Clown Sounds - Par For The Curse LP Limited to 300 opaque purple vinyl! (Bundles limited to 12 or less of each size with T Shirts only available with bundle), Glorious Tip-On ("old style") jackets, and a booklet with a nice and wild story! DEEEEEELLUXX!


(((PREORDER! This will ship Late July/ Early August)))


11  songs 

  • Cut It Off
  • Primetime Recount
  • Tuck Belly Up
  • It Don matter
  • It Do matter 
  • Beyond Control
  • Nice Try, Again 
  • Par For The Curse
  • Birthday Shit
  • Chicken On The Lamb
  • The Landing Pad


In 2010, Recess Records founder Todd Congelliere released a solo album entitled Clown Sounds. It comprised of demos and songs that didn’t fit the vibe of his bands F.Y.P, Toys That Kill, URTC etc. There was no plans to tour or even play live due to Todd’s disdain for playing “solo”. Somewhere in the middle of a Toys That Kill 2017 European tour, Jimmy Felix (Drummer for TTK) suggested to Todd that they should play these songs when they get back to the states. “Cool. And we’ll call the band Clown Sounds, of course” TC replied. This blueprint quickly metamorphosed into what Todd calls “a real band” after enlisting local guitar player Jacob Gaxiola (Killer Dreamer), Isaac Thotz on bass (The Arrivals), and Trevor Rounesville (URTC) on percussion/drums. Two drummers,correct. Most of the solo album songs ditched and new songs played live eventually led up to the debut album Preacher Maker. Followed by the very well received sophomore album, Born Under A Bad Sigh.

Clown Sounds 3rd album,Par For The Curse, finds the band completely come into their own form. Arguably their best effort yet.



1) Purple vinyl limited edition (300 pressed) 

2) Bundle includes a T-shirt (Todd Cong skateboard spoof limited to this bundle), button, sticker, poster (folded)


Recorded 2023/24 at Clown Sound in San Pedro, CA

Mastered and lacquered by Carl Saff

All songs written by Todd Congelliere / Chachi’s Vouched For Music (ASCAP)



Executive Producers

Art Ettinger

Daniel van Beers

Gabe Dinger

Matt Ford

86'd Records

Wells Tipley

Jeff Puz

Frisco Hatin' Alex

Dustin Maenpa




Pressing Info:

1st pressing (7/24) 300 purple Vinyl

Tip-on "Old Style" Jacket


Release Date: 7.12.24


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