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GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE - It Wasn't Made For Us (7-Inch EP+DL)

GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE - It Wasn't Made For Us (7-Inch EP+DL)



01. Doesn't Work For You 

02. It Keeps Comin' Back 

03. Backtrack Home 

04. This Is Is, That Was Was




I've always loved this band, not only cos they were great but cos they were also from Los Angeles. I dunno why, but when a GREAT band lives in LA its just so much more impressive to me. Ok, I know why, but lets not hit that nail yet. Imagine a Bananas, East Bay and early LA punk/hardcore blend. The name is sometimes misleading, although it shouldn't be cos i know some people that don't play crust/grind who feel the same way. The first song "Doesn't Work For You" is an instant classic! —T.C.




God Equals Genocide return with their fourth release and once again find themselves playing… a four-part prog rock ballad about the unrequited love between an orca and a unicorn… Nah. Just fuckin’ with you. God Equals Genocide is back at doing what they do best: playing occasionally-frilly, fun-as-hell DIY punk.


If Crass didn’t take themselves so damned seriously. If the Bananas were stripped down to the barest essentials. Mix ‘em up until completely inseparable. That’s God Equals Genocide.


Take the nausea felt from the poisoned tip of modern world poking you constantly in the side, but don’t give into it. Inoculate yourself with joyful bouncing, with songs that don’t flinch from truths ugly and beautiful; never veering from the idea of having a good time in spite of it all.


RIYL: Ramshackle faith in barely working tour vehicles. Shivery shakiness in songs. Basses with two strings. Clothing with patches and stains that don’t come out in the wash. Black Rainbow. Julie Andrew’s early catalog through Mary Poppins. The first five seconds of the Minutemen’s “Corona.”








• Includes Download 

• Split Release with Razocake



Recess #135

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