01. Start With a Maybe 
02. Dumpy Day 
03. Here Always 
04. Should I? 
05. Don't Fear 
06. I Was To Be 
07. This Is To Be 
08. Damned Distractions 
09. Cringe 
10. No Loyalty 
11. Through Windows 
12. I Made the Doubt 
13. No Rest or End


HOT NEW MEXICANS from Athens, GA emailed me some songs that was intended to go on a, at the time, homeless album. I was pretty damn blown away two songs in. Played with' em, met 'em briefly, dug their Fast Crowd 7″, but this stuff was just mind blowing! First thing that came to my mind was that it was a hybrid of the Arrivals and Torrance’s own, Nip Drivers. That’s a strange strange STRANGE combo, but it made me freak a lil harder about the songs. It was just something you won’t hear everyday. But I was swamped and my hands were tied with label “issues.” Enter Houseplant Records! I’m glad to be a part of this with them. They only have a few releases so far but hey sure are batting 1000!



• Includes Download 
• Split Release with Houseplant Records 
• Two-Sided 11 x 11" Insert w/ Lyrics

Recess #145



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