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I SPY - Revenge of the Little Shits (10-Inch)

I SPY - Revenge of the Little Shits (10-Inch)



01. Half the Population 

02. Tell 'Em Big Baby Sent Ya! 

03. Shamus' Nuts 

04. You Don't Talk No Shit 

05. More Than A Joke 

06. Revenge Of the Little Shits 

07. I Get Mad, I Get Mad, I Get Mad 

08. Your Face Will Stay That Way 

09. Cowboys + Indians 

10. God. Family. Country




I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is that I Spy broke up ... a long time ago. Ever since we've had friends die, wars started, crazy motherfkn presidents fly swattin' the world, and then another takin' that fly swatter away. The good news is that you haven't yet missed the boat on collecting this great 10-Inch record! See how things even out? Once these are gone, they're gone for good. Released in 1994.





Recess #17

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