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MODERN MACHINES - Taco Blessing (CD)

MODERN MACHINES - Taco Blessing (CD)


01. Zero Kid 
02. Ay, Paisano! 
03. M.A.D. 
04. Moon Throws A Shadow 
05. Go For It Girls 
06. Tail Lights 
07. (Reverse) The Rotation Of The Earth 
08. Under The Radar


The Modern Machines have been accurately compared to The Replacements, Hüsker Dü and early Lemonheads. They bring back to life a style of music that most people forgot existed (or at least thought would never exist again) and do it so well that you swear you were hearing it for the first time. Their Midwest-sounding songs are so consistently well-written that this release no doubt will be considered a classic. Not only is the music amazing, but they rock the fuckin' house when they play live.

—Punk Planet


Recess #92


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